BOTOX Treatment for Bladder Problem Islamabad

BOTOX has long been used for getting rid of aging signs for giving clear smooth skin. But today, it is not only restricted for wrinkles anymore. It has expanded to treat overactive bladder (OAB) as well. BOTOX treatment for bladder problems is generally administered by urologist or urogynecologist. This prescription medicine is directly injected in the bladder to treat strong need to urinate and wetting /leakage accidents of urine (incontinence). It works by paralyzing the muscle temporarily when injected locally.

How does BOTOX treat urinary incontinence?

The treatment is widely used to treat urinary incontinence for many years by reducing muscular contractions of bladder. Such bladder “spasms” usually arise from routine OAB. Aging and neurogenic conditions are the most common causes. In many cases, urologists use different terms for bladder spasticity such as overactive bladder, detrusor over activity, detrusor hyperreflexia, and neurogenic bladder. The treatment works by injecting BOTOX into the muscle of bladder and involve following steps:

  • A catheter is used for flushing the bladder with local anesthesia to cause numbness.
  • Once the bladder gets numbed, a scope is passed up in the urethra of bladder.
  • Urologist places a thin needle through scope for spreading BOTOX injections into the wall and muscles of bladder.
  • Initial improvements are seen within a week while final results are seen after 2-3 weeks that last for several months and then re-injected.

What you should expect after BOTOX has given?

Once you are done with the treatment, you can go home on the same day. It is possible to eat or drink shortly. After five days following treatment, most of the patients feel reduction in urgency and frequency of going to the toilet to pass urine. There will be no leaking or wetting afterwards. Normally, the results last for 6-12 months or may be long. People with OAB need injections in wide number and come up with many benefits after BOTOX such as:

  • Injection paralyzes bladder muscle
  • Bladder becomes relaxed and stretched
  • Reduces episodes of urgency and urge incontinence
  • Beneficial effects are seen after three to four days of BOTOX

Further Information:

BOTOX treatment has significant applications that range from simple conditions like overactive bladder to treatment of severely spastic bladders. If you have any question or confusion regarding BOTOX you can contact urodynamics department of SKN Clinic today.