Can A Cracked Tooth Be Filled?

If left untreated, cracked teeth, a frequent dental issue, may worsen and lead to other complications. Although, teeth are the strongest and most mineralized tissue to your body. However, it has its barriers. Furthermore, a chipped or broken enamel can be the result of a fall. Or, it can be a forceful chunk. Moreover, if the tooth includes any damage or decay the chances of cracking can increase. However, a damaged or chipped tooth is not any purpose for alarm. Further, a dentist can carry out lots of factors to repair it. However, many people who suffer in it want to know Can A Cracked Tooth Be Filled? Therefore, this article delves further into the topic of cracked teeth.  

The Most Common Reason Teeth Crack:

The three main reasons are:

  • When you bite down on some delicacies, like peanut brittle, too forcefully, it might break the filling.
  • Whether you grind your teeth while awake or asleep, the habit may wear down your filling over time.
  • The typical filling lifespan is fifteen years; however, this may vary greatly based on factors including biting force, filling material, and cavity size (smaller fillings tend to survive longer.)

When a Tooth Breaks?

A sudden, intense ache occurs every time you chew or bite. Further, Enhanced sensitivity to temperature changes, sugar, and acidity in food and drink. Therefore, it causes the gums and the region around the injured tooth to enlarge. Inflammation or generalized discomfort in the gums around the tooth is known as gum disease. A fractured tooth may have visible surface features, such as a crack or line.

Can A Cracked Tooth Be Filled?

If you have a cracked tooth and want to fix it you may want to know Can A Cracked Tooth Be Filled? However, the ability of the tooth to be filled depends on its condition and the severity of damage. If you have accidentally chipped a tooth, a filling can solve the issue and can repair it. Teeth that are visible when you smile or are located toward the front of your mouth are ideal candidates for dental bonding. It is a procedure that utilizes composite material that is tooth-colored.

It is common practice for dentists to prepare the tooth surface for bonding by using a liquid or gel. After the dentist shapes and cleans the teeth, they will apply adhesive and plastic that matches the color of the teeth. Following the process of shaping the bonding fabric to resemble a natural tooth, the dentist will use a UV laser to reinforce it.

Alternatives to Dental Fillings for Treatment:

Additional methods of treatment exist if a filler is insufficient:

  • Dental bonding allows dentists to improve the appearance of teeth with minor to significant cracks. Using tooth-colored glue, you can cover the damaged area.
  • A significant crack or many fractures in a tooth may prompt your dentist to recommend one. An all-porcelain crown covers the tooth, strengthening and protecting it from damages.
  • If the crack reaches the pulp, a root canal procedure will be necessary to remove the damaged pulp and treat the tooth. The final step in protecting the tooth is to place a cap over it.
  • It may be necessary to extract and replace the tooth if the fractures or splits are severe. The next step is to replace the damaged tooth with an implant, bridge, or retainer.

Consult with Expert:

You need to visit the dentist immediately after you get a crack in your teeth. Therefore, the dentist can determine the severity of the crack and advise you on the exceptional path of remedy. SKN Cosmetics has board-certified dentists who will take X-rays and conduct a full exam in the initial appointment. It is to discover how to repair your tooth so it works again and looks right again. In addition to reducing aches and sensitivity, activating remedy stops more damage and contamination in its tracks.

Final Thoughts:

Tooth fillings can usually repair minor cracks. Common dental restorations that can repair minor to moderate cracks include fillings, bonds, and crowns. Large cracks may necessitate extraction or root canal therapy. It is critical to obtain a diagnosis and treatment without delay to prevent additional harm and achieve the best potential outcome.

Consult with certified and experienced dentists at SKN Cosmetics for advice on how to treat a cracked tooth if you suspect you may have once. Make an appointment for a proper consultation to protect your oral fitness.