Can You Be Too Bald for a Hair Transplant

Nowadays, people experience baldness due to extreme hair loss. Therefore, it is vital to cure baldness before it is too late. Our experts believe that hair transplantation is a good option for treating bald areas, but it can be complicated for treating the whole bald scalp. Having complete baldness can be hard to handle, but we can treat such delicate cases effectively.

The most asking question about the restoration of hair asked too many times that Can You Be Too Bald for a Hair Transplant. At SKN cosmetics, there are many treatments that can be used for restoring your hair due to baldness. In this blog post, you will learn all about how hair transplants perform and what are other alternatives for this issue. Keep reading!

What Is Hair Transplant?

According to SKN cosmetics, the hair transplant is used to perform as extracting hair follicles from the healthy donor site and insert them on bald and patchy areas. It can be performed with two main techniques that are FUE or FUT. First, the procedural steps are performed as the surgeon will inject local anesthesia for complete numbness, then extract hair follicles carefully and insert them into the bald area.

It is necessary to fulfill the candidacy criteria for undergoing a hair transplant because if you are not an ideal candidate, then it will not generate natural growth of hair. In addition, it is must require that the donor area should be healthy and good. The complete results will be obtained after 9 to 12 months. However, it is a delicate surgery that cannot be charged cheaply.

How Can It Be Performed If You Are Too Bald?

If you need to undergo hair transplantation, then you should know that if your scalp areas are bald into patchy form and you have a healthy donor site, then it can be performed accordingly.

If the person is completely bald and does not have healthy donor follicle units, then the hairs can be extracted from the candidate’s own body part.

If it is hard to cover a large area and do not have enough hair follicles from body parts, experts will recommend another suitable option for hair restoration.

Other Techniques for Hair Restoration:

At SKN cosmetics, there are some alternative methods that are used to perform when the person is completely bald and wants to get hair restoration treatment. These treatments are mentioned below:

Hair Wigs:

The hair wigs are usually recommended to those who need full coverage of hair appearance. It might be the right option for entirely bald people and don’t have healthy hair follicles. The results of hair wigs will look 100% natural. The hair wigs can be human hair or synthetic hair that are depended on the candidate’s choice and desiring results.


A solution that is known as “Advanced Tricho Pigmentation” is used to perform for applying natural pigments on the treated area on the scalp. It will look like hair strokes naturally and provide you 100% good-looking, natural, and guaranteed outcomes. Also, it is best on recessive hairlines.


Just like ATP, it is known as “Scalp Micro-Pigmentation”, which is also used to perform as create the natural illusion of thicker hair. It will be performed by a professional practitioner who will make dots like natural hair—also a helpful procedure for those patients who are experiencing tumors, alopecia, and pattern baldness.

All Summed Up!

Therefore, these treatments are effective and treatable for those patients who are experiencing complete baldness. Moreover, if you want to know more about Can you be too Bald for a Hair Transplant or wish to undergo one of these procedures, then feel free to consult SKN cosmetics. We will provide you with satisfying services and guaranteed outcomes. We are happily looking forward to you!