Clinical procedure for getting rid of acne scars

Acne is an annoying skin condition that almost everyone experiences at some point in time. Teenagers are the greatest effects of acne. For the most part, the effect of the Acne Treatment in Islamabad is cosmetic and it does not cause any physical symptoms. However, in some cases, the condition can get worse and if not treated, it can cause pain and leave permanent damage in the shape of scarring.
Clinical treatments for acne are an excellent choice. Worldwide these are used for the purpose of correcting acne and Acne Scarring. In UAE, topnotch skin care facilities are offering these treatments as well. In Islamabad, SKN Cosmetic Surgery has the state of the art facility for dealing with the aforementioned issues.
In the following lines, we shall learn more about acne prevention and how the clinical treatments can help in case of acne prevention steps are not successful.

How to prevent acne scars?

It is an age-old cliché that prevention is better than cure. It is certainly a big fact and in the case of acne, it can be done for the most part. Acne is caused by clogging of skin pores as the dead skin cells and sebum, which is the natural oil secretion from the skin, join hands. This allows the perfect home for acne-causing bacteria. To avoid such trouble, cleansing the skin regularly and exfoliating it helps. This keeps the dead skin cells out and the pores clear. Over exfoliation though should be avoided since it can irritate the skin and cause acne too.
Maintaining a healthy lifestyle also helps. Ensure that you eat well to keep the skin healthy in general. Do not touch your face too often with your hands to avoid the transfer of germs. Certain foods can cause breakouts and these should be avoided to minimize the risk. Hormonal levels should also be kept in check since hormonal imbalance too can cause acne. Other factors include stress. People with stress can experience breakouts so it is best to keep your stress levels low.

Clinical treatments:

If the above-mentioned tips are not getting the job done, there are certain clinical treatments that can be used to tackle acne.

Laser treatment:

The laser treatment is an excellent option as it not only kills the acne-causing bacteria but also clear the clogged pores in the skin. This is done by the laser as it resurfaces the skin. Old and damaged skin is replaced with healthier skin. The Acne trouble gets lesser and lesser with each treatment session. Generally, a few sessions of laser treatment are needed in order to remove acne altogether.
The laser treatment also helps in removing acne scarring. The resurfaced skin has the lesser appearance of the scar every time. The treatment also improves the production levels of collagen and elastin which further help the cause.
The treatment has mild side effects that are mostly limited to some redness, itching and swelling on the skin. These issues are most corrected within the first 48 hours of the treatment. In rare cases, bruising of the skin can also take place. Photos sensitivity is also developed which can last from days to weeks. For most people, there is no downtime.

Chemical peels:

These are acidic solutions that are applied to the skin for the purpose of resurfacing it. In the case of acne, the clogged pores and the bacteria that cause acne are both taken care of. As the skin resurfaces, acne’s presence gets lesser and lesser with each treatment session. The treatment is also useful for improving the condition of Acne Scars as the level of collagen are improved with chemical peels as well. Mild acne scarring can be corrected with the peels.
There are different strengths of chemical peels and these should be carefully selected. The side effects and downtime can vary with each type of peels. The superficial peels have the least issues and need to be repeated several times for the intended results. Deep peels on the other hand are needed just once and have significant downtime and greater side effects.
Topical or local anesthesia may be used for the purpose of dumbing down the pain sensation during the treatment. The peels are available at drug stores without any prescription and it can be quite tempting to apply them yourself. However, it is a better option that you leave it to the professionals since the risk of burning the skin is quite real if you get it wrong.