Hair Restoration in Islamabad

Stop taking the stress of hair fall – get Hair Restoration Treatment! In the world of high development, there are a variety of advanced treatments that are effective for giving you new hair. The volume of hair will decide what type of treatment you want and what option will be curable for you. Moreover, you should consult our best hair specialist who can recommend you a suitable solution.

However, we are going to discuss about the Cure For Hair Restoration in Islamabad in this blog. It includes several solutions with cost and results. So, keep reading for more details!

What Are The Causes Of Hair Fall?

Nowadays, there are a lot of reasons and causes that are reported for hair loss. A few common causes are mentioned below:

  • Due to age.
  • Weakness
  • Hereditary
  • Alopecia areata.
  • During pregnancy.
  • Imbalance hormones.
  • Sickness/ severe illness.
  • Daily hairstyling routine.
  • Use of cheap hair products.

How To Diagnose Hair Loss?

According to SKN Cosmetics, our experts will never suggest any treatment without diagnosing properly. Experienced hair specialists always try to diagnose the main reason for the problem and recommend you a suitable option. It will be wrong if anyone suggests you any treatment without knowing the reason. However, the common diagnosing methods are mentioned below:

  • With blood test.
  • Pulling examination.
  • Biopsy of the scalp.
  • Light microscopy.
  • Physical examination.

What Are The Best Hair Restoration Treatments?

The SKN Clinic is offering the best treatments for giving accurate results and to prevent of hair loss in the future. However, the best treatment options are mentioned below:

  • Medication – when a person starts a hair fall, the specialists always try to fix this issue with medication. It may include Minoxidil that is in the form of liquid or in a shampoo form which applies to your scalp at least one or two times a day. Another option is Finasteride which is in the form of a pill, it is effective for men. Both medications are used to perform for a specific period and they will give you noticeable results after a few months.
  • Injections Therapy – The most effective injectable treatment is PRP – platelet-rich plasma that is produced by your own blood. The plasma will inject into your scalp and it will speed up the blood flow into your hair follicle which makes your hair grow thick and strong. There is another injectable solution that is known as GFC stands for growth factor concentrate. It is used to perform for activating the speed of your hair follicle’s blood flow.

Both treatment options are effective and provide you with satisfying results for a long time. Otherwise, you can get multiple sessions whenever you feel your hair fall again.

  • Hair Transplant – The best and most effective solution for hair loss or pattern baldness is known as hair transplant. The procedure will be performed under local anesthesia; the surgeon will extract healthy hair grafts from the backside of the scalp and implant them on the recipient area. It may take 3 to 4 months for recovery and after that, you will start to observe noticeable growth of the natural hair. The results will be long-lasting and provide you with natural growth.

Cost of Different Hair Restoration Treatments:

If you are going to consider a Cure For Hair Restoration in Islamabad from SKN cosmetics then the cost will be charged according to the treatment type and number of sessions. Therefore, different methods of hair restoration treatments have different cost ranges, these are mentioned below:

  • PRP Cost ranges between 15000 PKR to 20,000 PKR.
  • GFC Cost ranges between 12,000 PKR to 20,000 PKR.
  • Hair Transplant Cost ranges between 70,000 PKR to 400,000 PKR.

Furthermore, if you are willing to know more about cost-related information according to your concerns then you can contact us or visit our clinic anytime.

A Note From SKN Clinic!

Apparently, our clinic is one of the best centers in the city that provides amazing and effective hair restoration treatments. These will give you long-lasting and satisfying results according to your expectations and desires. So, if you want to get your hair density thick and strong textures then feel free to consult SKN Cosmetics. We are here to give you a memorable experience and desirable outcome!