Tooth Bonding Cost in Islamabad, rawalpindi & Pakistan

Giving a better and accurate shape to teeth in an effective way without any surgery is getting common and it is called Braces. It is a dental tool that helps to correct the unshaped teeth and disorder alignment of teeth. Most adults use braces for reshaping their teeth at an early age and sometimes above adults also require it. The treatment is done at the clinic and under full concentrations. The obvious question in your mind will be the Dental Braces Cost in Islamabad Pakistan. This article covers the cost factors of this treatment so read further for more information.

How Does It Work?

The braces are put on to the teeth for applying pressure on them, so that’s how the alignment of teeth performed with time until a candidate obtained his/her desired teeth shape. From time to time, it will be move-in specific directions and the bone will changes the shape too.

Braces Cost:

According to SKN cosmetics, the Average Cost of Braces in Islamabad Pakistan varies between 120,000 PKR to 200,000 PKR, also depending on what type of braces the candidate needs and how many changes are required. We try to offer reasonable prices to our patient and their satisfaction is our priority. The cost of invisible braces are always fixed and your treatment will worth it. The overall cost will cover the initial consultation session, the entire procedure, and after sessions of adjusting braces.

Cost Factors:

Few factors can affect the cost of braces treatment, these are as following:

The Experienced Specialist:

When you need such treatments, you always want an experienced specialist whom you can trust and who can perform better. When you approach an expert specialist, the cost of the procedure will be affected by the specialist’s fee. Most demanding and senior specialist have their criteria for cost. It is done at the clinic when you go for an initial consultation, you can choose the specialist according to your desire.

The Location of The Clinic:

The location of the clinic can affect the cost of the treatment, when you have to travel from one city to another it will cost you the expense of travelling. Mostly people travel for their treatment just because of the clinic’s best services and well reputation.

The Type of Braces:

When you go for an initial consultation session, the specialist will examine your current situation. After reviewing it, the specialist will suggest you different types of option according to your problem and then you will choose the type of braces. Different methods have different price, procedure and duration of results. This factor can affect your cost of treatment.

In our clinic, we offer these types of braces methods: wires, brackets, and other fixed application. Further, if you want to know more about cost factors, don’t hesitate to ask. Our guiding team will provide you with all the helpful information. 

Why Us?

The SKN cosmetics clinic in Islamabad performs very effective and amazing cosmetic procedure as well as dentistry treatments. We have experienced practitioner of every treatment who are highly professional in their work. The staff of the clinic is friendly and well-guided people who will support the patient in good manners.

We offer affordable Dental Braces Cost in Islamabad Pakistan to the candidate with an effective and miraculous outcome and the satisfaction of our clients is our priority. The before and after photographs are available of past treatments so you can easily trust us.

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