Eyebrow laser hair removal in Islamabad

It is highly attractive for people to have very appealing eyebrows that are precisely shaped. The issue arises when they have to be maintained. As it is required constantly, it can be too much to handle and people can also tend to forget to do it sometimes. Eyebrow Hair Laser Removal In Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan is your go to treatment for perfect-looking eyebrows without all that maintenance.  

Is Eyebrow Laser Hair Removal Safe To Do?

Yes! It is generally a quite safe technique that can be applied to the skin. They are performed by experts at SKN Cosmetics, which has trained professionals. The laser beams, when applied to the skin to burn off the hair, are short and quick. This way there is barely a chance for it to burn the skin or do any damage. The heat emitted from the laser burns the hair, and the skin stays safe.  

Although this technique can be applied to any part of the body, the doctor and patient, both need to be very careful with the utilization of this technique. These lasers can be hazardous when being applied to the area around the eyes. But there is nothing to worry about! With care and professional handling, you can be safe and worriless. 

The laser can although, sometimes cause problems to the eyes as eyes are heat-sensitive. So why does this happen while you are pointing the laser at the hair, not the eyes? Well, it is due to a physical phenomenon known as scattered light. You will be given goggles to wear to prevent your eyes from any sort of damage. 

How Can I Benefit From This Technique?

There are a lot of benefits to this procedure. You don’t have to go through threading and waxing every now and then. Both of these ways are painful and result in redness for more than a day. Most methods, besides laser hair removal in Islamabad, are short-lived. You will only have to go through a few 15-20 minutes sessions to get this done, and never have your unwanted eyebrow hair coming back. Many people have dense unibrow hair that makes them uncomfortable and lowers their self-esteem, this application can allow them to look neat and renewed. This condition can also be permanently removed. 

If you have pesky, unwanted, and bushy brows, we can shape them according to your will. You can get rid of this issue for good. Bushy brows are the hardest to maintain, as at-home eyebrow hair removal is painful. When the hair is coming back, it is too small to be plucked, yet it shows as noticeable big and dark spots around your brows. You can do nothing but wait for them to grow to be removed easily, and walk around with thick growths on your beautiful face. After this treatment, you can finally be carefree and be confident about your face. The hair will be gone for good after a number of sessions and then you will be free of your messy brows. 

Does Eyebrow Hair Laser Removal Hurt?

Almost never. Only in a few instances, you can feel short, stinging sensations. The reason for this is nothing to worry about. It only occurs when the hair is absorbing the heat from the laser and burning down. 

How Many Sessions Does It Require To Get Perfect Eyebrows?

It can vary between 6 to 8 sessions. Although this will vary and depend on your hair growth, hair thickness, pigmentation of your hair, and gender.  

How Long Is One Session For Eyebrow Laser Hair Removal?

When you arrive at Eyebrow Hair Laser Removal, it will take only a 15 to 20-minute session. It depends and varies according to the size of the area being treated. 

What should I Expect After The Treatment?

Time needs to be given to your skin to heal from the treatment. You can also witness immediate results, but the actual results keep unfolding until 1 to 3 weeks after the session.  

Contact us now at SKN to book your appointment at Eyebrow Hair Laser Removal In Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan. We give the best eyebrow hair removal treatment to our patients. Our patients always leave satisfied with our services and visit us again for more.