Face Filler Injections Cost in Islamabad, Pakistan

Who doesn’t want to have perfectly aligned and picture-perfect facial features? A fuller face not only reduces signs of aging it also makes you look younger than your current age. As our years go by, our skin starts to sag and our face starts to skin in. This usually happens in women who have an extreme diet and tend to stay fit and healthy. Unfortunately, all this dieting and excessive exercising can cause the body to lose fat in the face. So what can be done about this problem? With the latest technological advancements in the field of makeup and beauty, it is now possible to get face fillers and feel young again! Face Filler Injections Cost in Islamabad, Pakistan is within your grasp.

What are Face Filler Injections?

Injectable fillers for your face are made up of substances such as soft tissue that can easily be injected into the face to help reduce wrinkles and make the face look fuller. The fillers basically fill in the spaces underneath the skin that cause lines on the face and make you look younger. A huge number of these injectables do not last long as the body gradually absorbs them.

Most cosmetic fillers are made up of a natural polysaccharide chemical known as hyaluronic acid. This acid can also be found in the skin and the cartilage. It does not matter which material is in the filler, its results will eventually start disappearing depending on the area it is inserted and how often that part of the body is active.

What is The Face Filler Injections Cost In Islamabad?

IF you have a sagging face or wrinkled skin, Face Filler Injections Cost in Islamabad, Pakistan can range anywhere from PKR  35,000 to PKR 40,000. This price range does not include any extra amenities such as follow-up sessions or consultation sessions. There are several other factors that also put an impact on the total bill of this treatment. It is a best practice that you consult all these costs with your doctor before you make an appointment to get yourself treated. Most people do not consider this when making an appointment and

What Are The Factors that influence the cost of Face Fillers?

Several things influence the total cost of getting Face Filler Injections in the capital, such as the number of sessions needed and what material is used for the fillers. Following are the factors discussed in detail:

1)   The applied technique:

All face fillers are injected directly into the skin or into the wrinkles to help reduce them. There is no special technique for this application other than the precision needed to make sure that the fillers do not stray away from the location.

2)   The Treatment Area:

The next thing is where the fillers are injected. Depending on the treatment area, it can cost you more money. This means that if you get fillers for your smile lines, it will cost you more as compared to getting fillers for your lip wrinkles.

3)   The number of sessions:

If you get more sessions, you will have to pay more money as each session will cost you individually. There are certain clinics that offer packages if you wish to get more than a few sessions. The number of appointments also differs from person to person as some people have fewer wrinkles than others.

4)   Desired results:

Getting the results you desire can also cost you a good among of money. Most people think that if they pay less they will get the same results. Unfortunately, that is not the case at all. If you pay half the amount for a treatment, you will not get the best results.

5)   The Operator’s Qualification:

This one is an eye-opener for many people as not everyone considers this an option that would increase their total budget for getting fillers. Since a qualified doctor will perform the task of precisely injecting the fillers in the right area, he will charge you more money.

6)   Equipment:

The syringes used to inject the fillers also influence your total budget. If you do not want to pay for the syringes individually, you can also offer to bring your own packages. You need special needles to inject filler in the face, so make sure you get the right one.

7)   Clinic location:

Most clinics in posh neighborhoods will charge a good amount of money. This is solely because the renting rates of these places are high, so they also charge more for their services. Home clinics or private clinics, however, do not charge that much money and are a more affordable option.

8)    Clinic level:

If your clinic is a level 1 clinic, then it will probably charge you less money. This means that this clinic does not have that many facilities or amenities and only offers basic services. As for other levels, the higher the level, the better the facilities and amenities, the more you will have to pay.

9)   Anesthesia:

Lastly, getting face fillers can be a little uncomfortable, but it does not require anesthesia. However, there are some cases where people have very sensitive skin and require local anesthesia or numbing agent. So this will also be included in the total bill

Is the Cost of Face Fillers Covered by Insurance?

Unfortunately, this treatment is not covered by insurance companies and you will have to pay for each session from your own pocket. There are very rare cases where if you have a disease that causes your face to have a sunken appearance such as cancer. In this situation, you can make insurance pay for the treatment.

Why Chose our Clinic:

If you are getting this treatment done from SKN Cosmetics, rest assured that you will not be charged for these things individually. All required equipment will be included in the total cost. We also offer a complimentary first appointment where you can visit the doctor for any consultations that you want. This will help you pick your sessions accordingly. So what’s the wait? Pick up your phone and book a free consultation and get treated right away! Don’t want to call? No problem at all. You can even book your free consultation session by filling out the form given below or you coils also get in touch with our doctors by leaving your contact details with our call operator and we will get back to you instantly!