Fat Removal Surgery Cost in Pakistan | weight loss

Fat removal is a tough process. When no diet or exercise works for someone, then medical procedures work. Therefore, Fat Removal Surgery Cost in Pakistan can help you think about this regarding your budget. When you press on the skin, you can feel the visceral fat under the skin and connect it to organs like the liver and stomach. Moreover, some of the fat in the body is essential for us. However, excess fat is nothing but an extra weight we move with. Further, when a human body stores extra fat, it becomes packets on the body. It becomes harder when it takes a long time to stay, and losing it is a challenge.

Moreover, it becomes hard and stubborn, especially around the hips, buttocks, waist, and legs. In addition, genes play a part in why fat builds up in some places, like the neck, the jowls, and the upper arms. In this case, fat loss surgery can safely and effectively take fat out of the body.

Fat Removal Surgery Cost in Pakistan

Fat removal surgery cost in Pakistan range between PKR 60,000 to Rs 150,000. Moreover, it is a procedure having different prices from case to case. Additionally, it is because fat deposits are different for everyone. Similarly, several areas differ from person to person. Fat thickness also plays a role when considering the cost. 

At SKN Clinic Islamabad, our expert surgeon, Dr Naveed Azhar, is competent to customize the treatment plan. He has extensive experience doing such surgeries very effectively and safely while keeping patients’ requirements in view. Therefore, to get the exact price quote for this treatment, call us today and book an initial appointment.

Who is a Good Candidate for Fat Removal Surgery?

So you know what to expect from the process. I have tried eating well and working out often, but I am still waiting for something to work. Also, if you are healthy and do not have any other illnesses, this surgery might be a good choice for you. Liposuction works best for people who are healthy and have tight but stretchy skin but have some extra fat in some places. Liposuction might not be the best way for you to lose weight.

The Process of Fat Removal Surgery in Islamabad

Many liposuction methods work well for both men and women that we offer. However, the most well-known types are traditional, Body Jet, and laser liposuction. Most liposuction procedures only take a few hours and are done with a local anesthetic. You can go home the same day.

One option is to use a general anesthetic for bigger amounts. It involves making very small cuts in the skin and then using different methods to get rid of the fat under the skin in that spot. It is possible to melt the fat or shave it off before sucking it out. For 6–10 days, you will need to rest at home. To keep your circulation going, moving around every so often is good. The surgery may have left your skin and small red wounds swollen, but they heal quickly.

Which Parts of The Body Can Have Fat Removal Surgery?

You can get this surgery on almost any part of your body. However, the inner and outer legs, the stomach, the knees, the buttocks, the hips, the underarms, and the chin are some of the most popular places. You can lose extra fat after surgery and can maintain it with the help of a healthy diet, exercise, and weight loss plans. Fat can come back after liposuction if you do not care for it.

You can lose up to 5 liters of fat with liposuction. It will also kill fat cells in the places you treat, but they may grow back in other parts of your body. Liposuction can take an hour to two hours, depending on the person and the number of places needing work.

Final Thought

This surgical treatment works on fat under the skin, not on things inside the body. It is rare to cause problems, and the risks are not high. When liposuction goes wrong, it can lead to infections, bleeding, slow healing, scarring and nerve damage. Moreover, sometimes, a patient will feel a reddish, painful line running along the vein. Therefore, please consult our certified surgeon to discuss your case and get safe and sound surgery.