Hair Cloning Technology in Islamabad Pakistan

There are a lot of hair loss issues experiencing by people in different ways. You might feel self-conscious and embarrassed at your workplace or in daily life. Hair transplanting is a technique that is used to perform by extracting hair follicles from the healthy donor side and implant them in the empty regions.

There is a technique that will be the next great treatment for hair loss and that is a proposed method to counter hair loss, known as Hair cloning or sometimes called hair multiplication. In this blog post, we will discuss all Hair Cloning Technology in Islamabad Pakistan, it’s working, and its advantages. Keep reading!


According to research, hair cloning gives the person the ability to step up the hair follicles that he/she have into transplantable cells and start the production of the hair cycle. It is a technique that is used to perform by taking biological material and reproduce it again and again.

Currently, it is hard to perform in human tissue cloning. But the main purpose of this technique is to take or extract hair follicle cells from the candidate’s scalp and develop multiple duplicates of them into the test tube. After that, these cells will be placed onto the bald areas of the scalp where they require growth.

The Advantages of This Technique:

At that time, there are few major benefits of the hair cloning technique for treating thin and bald issues of patients. These benefits are mentioned below:

  • No major possibilities of visible scars.
  • The process will be short.
  • No risks of side effects.
  • There will be no limit factor of healthy follicles on the donor side.
  • The procedure will be effective for both genders.
  • It will deliver long-lasting results.

How It Will Works?

The treatment is not available at this time but if it will be performed in the future, the procedural steps are mentioned below:

  • The expert will require at least 50 harvested hair follicles.
  • They will be sent to the cryopreservation (it is known as s storage that is used for storing human tissues) until the candidate gets ready for the transplantation.
  • Then, the cells will be brought out of this storage and take for reproduction.
  • Such cell copies will inject into the scalp at a specific depth level for the natural hair follicles.
  • These injected cells will boost up the follicles back into the growth cycle.
  • The complete results may take a long time as compared to traditional hair transplantation.
  • The rejection rate of growth is low. It will give effective results.
  • The procedure will take less time as compare to other hair restoration treatments.

About Its Cost:

The Hair Cloning Technology in Islamabad Pakistan treatment is not performing in the clinics yet. When the treatment will get famous and launch in the market, it will be expensive as compare to other hair restoration treatments.

Especially for the first few years, it will be not cheaper or performed at affordable price rates. Because only a few medical specialists will be able to perform such type of delicate treatment so they will charge it more expensively.

It is hard to estimate or calculate the cost of the hair cloning treatment but once it will able in the clinic, we will discuss all the terms and cost factors about this treatment.

All Summed Up!

Therefore, it is an effective and advanced treatment for hair loss which is still under research. Once it will start performing, it will be the most demanding treatment for such patients who are completely bald and experiencing a lot of hair loss issues.

SKN cosmetics is performing few techniques at that time which are not exactly hair cloning but they work like this treatment. If you want to consider a hair restoration treatment then you can contact or consult us anytime.