Hair Transplant in One Lac in Islamabad Pakistan

Are you one of them who are seeking an effective hair transplant at a reasonable price? If yes, then you should consult SKN cosmetics for reasonable hair transplantation as we are a well-known clinic in Islamabad, Pakistan. If you want to consider the whole treatment at an affordable price, read this blog post to get more information about Hair transplant in one lac in Islamabad Pakistan.  

About Hair Transplant:

According to hair transplantation, it is a minimally invasive procedure performed to extract hair from one side to another. As in result, it will grow natural hair and complete your hair look. There are two advanced methods used for hair transplantation. The first one is FUE – follicular unit extraction method that is performed for implanting individually for covering empty spots on the scalp. Another one is FUT – known as the strip method that is performed as extracting a strip full of hair follicles from the backside of the scalp. This method is used to perform for the full coverage of the empty regions of the scalp. Both are an effective methods of hair transplantation, but FUE is more advanced as compare to FUT. 

It’s Working:

At SKN cosmetics, it is performed in the clinic, and it is necessary to fulfill the candidacy criteria to check whether you are a good candidate or not. In FUE, the practitioner will extract the healthy hair follicles from the donor site and implant them in the empty areas. The hair can be extracted from anywhere like beard, whereas the FUT is performed as the strip will extract only from the backside of the scalp and implant it on an empty area. 

The results will be effective and long-lasting. The hair growth will start from 3 to 4 months after the transplantation, and complete results can be noticeable after 10 to 12 months. It will boost up your confidence and make your appearance attractive. 

About Cost and Other Factors:

If you want to consider a Hair Transplant in One Lac in Islamabad Pakistan, you should consult your nearby best clinic or schedule an appointment with SKN cosmetics. In this consultation session, the practitioner will let you know that hair transplantation is possible in the range of one lac. Also, they will let you know what factors and terms are included in it. Some common factors are mentioned below: 

  • The experienced and professional surgeon will perform your hair transplantation surgery. The only skilled and expert practitioner can handle such delicate surgeries. They will examine the area that what method you require, and how many grafts. 
  • The location is good with the well-known and reputable clinic that has a hygienic environment. The helping team will be friendly and monitor your condition the whole time in surgery. 
  • The practitioner will prescribe you aftercare instructions according to your treatment and health. There will be no side effect occur until you take good care of your treated area. 
  • After the treatment, the surgeon will check up on the whole surgery once again to make you satisfied. 

Therefore, these all terms will be included in your treatment, and you will be satisfied after the surgery. Whereas, if you require more grafts or further checkups, then it will affect your cost. Further, if you want to know more about cost-related queries, then feel free to consult our expert team; they will help you out. 

Other Techniques of Hair Transplantation:

There are some other techniques that can also be used as an alternative option for hair transplantations. These are mentioned below: 

  • Stem cell FUE hair transplant. 
  • Motorized automated FUE. 
  • PRP hair therapy. 

All Summed Up! 

So, if you want to consider a hair transplant treatment at a reasonable price, then feel free to consult SKN cosmetics. We are here to provide you with the best services and to make your personality attractive and beautiful.