scarless Hair Transplant in Islamabad

The two most common techniques of hair transplant include:

1.      Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT)

It’s the strip procedure to restore the growth of your hair. This traditional hair transplant can leave scars on your scalp. 

2.      Follicular unit extraction (FUE)

This method encourages new follicles to get rid of baldness or other hair growth problems. However, it’s the most efficient method which can enhance your hair development without leaving any seeable scars. Scarless hair transplant uses this method for the ease of patients.

Scarless Hair Transplant

Scarless hair transplant is the most popular type of transplant in which the practitioner uses the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) method to enrich the growth of your hair via promoting the new follicles. Every hair transplant has some scarring, however, this procedure doesn’t leave any noticeable scars on your scalp but a complete scarless hair transplant isn’t available for now, somehow it may be possible in the future. As compared to the traditional process Follicular unit transplantation (FUT), this technique escapes the scars caused during transplant. People prefer (FUE) because of less discomfort or barely visible scars.


Results that come from this transplant usually depends upon the surgeon’s expertise. However, the results attained from (FUE) method are more effective because of its less invasive nature. This hair transplant technique doesn’t require long recovery periods although it produces less discomfort during treatment. The outcomes are enduring and permanent if you continue to follow the recovery instructions for the long term.


This hair transplant can regenerate your hair easily. The major comfort that comes from this treatment is the ‘least visibility’ of scars. Practitioners’ effort hard to improve the growth and volume of your hair. Some common benefits can be achieved after having the scarless hair transplant:

  • The hair will grow for a long time
  • Your overall appearance can be easily enhanced
  • Baldness problems can be resolved
  • You can get easily get rid of the embarrassment
  • Natural-looking, thick and strong hair are attained
  • Most of the people get their hair recovered in only one session
  • You won’t be needing a long recovery period
  • You will look attractive and younger
  • Results can be permanent

Are you a good Applicant?

Before having this transplant, you must be aware of your medical condition to escape discomfort. You are a perfect candidate for this treatment if:

  • Your age is 25 or above
  • You’re facing baldness problems
  • You have tight scalp skin
  • You are willing to improve your appearance
  • You don’t smoke or drink
  • You’re not suffering from any allergic reactions

Preparation before treatment

Before getting your hair transplant done, you should prepare well by following some instructions completely to avoid soreness during treatment. Some major ones are:

  • Discontinue blood thinners
  • Avoid the medications that contain aspirin, somehow it’s better to stop the other regular medications too
  • Stop smoking or alcohol consumption
  • Don’t color your hair, a day before treatment
  • Don’t get this treatment done if you are pregnant
  • Don’t use spray or gel on your hair before the treatment

How it’s done?

Scarless hair transplant can be done by using (FUE) technique to reduce baldness glitches. At first, your surgeon will clean and shave the treatment area to start the actual process through local anesthesia. The hairs are carefully extracted from the donor area to prepare them for transplant. Once it’s done they are gently placed on the bald area. This whole process can take from 4 to 5 hours. People who face fewer baldness problems can be treated early as compared to others.


Once you’re done with the hair transplant, you will be in a recovery area for some time. Practitioners usually suggest some specific instructions to their patients depending upon their health condition. However, some major guidelines must be followed by every patient to get the efficient recovery and long-lasting results.

  • Avoid the intake of smoking and alcohol
  • Don’t perform physical actives for a few weeks
  • Avoid touching or rubbing the treatment area
  • The sleeping position must be upright for 2 or 3 days
  • Don’t panic if you face mild swelling, itching, or slight pain because these conditions are temporary will go away within a week.


The cost of scarless hair transplant in Islamabad usually varies from clinic to clinic. Some patients face extreme baldness problems, costs would also differ in such cases. However, there are some common factors on which cost depends:

  • Fee of clinician
  • Number of sessions you take
  • Amount of area where you want treatment

Why choose us?

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