Recovery Timeline ofHair Transplant

Generally, when a person undergoes a hair transplant treatment, it requires a lot of care because it recovers in a specific time. If you had a hair transplant? Impressive! You will enjoy the advantages of this procedure but first, we want to let you know about the recovery process because we attend many candidates who frequently ask about the Hair Transplant Recovery Timeline.  

In this blog post, we will cover all informative details which will let you know about how to take care of hair and at what period you need to do anything. Because the recovery period begins right after the treatment and a person should be mentally ready and prepare to take care of himself/herself. Then read further for more information and getting a rough idea about this period. 

How To Know Your Recovery Timeline?

According to SKN cosmetics, it is our top priority to educate every undergoing candidate about the hair transplant healing process. The dermatologist will tell you all about the healing process steps and educate you about how to deal with it and what to do according to your treatment method and health-wise during this period. 

By following the dermatologist’s instructions you will pass your timeline of recovery very politely and effectively. And after that, you will obtain long-lasting and natural results. So, it is necessary to know about even little details by experts. 

Sometimes, after few months you may require to consult again with your dermatologist for reviewing the current condition of that time. In this session, you will know how your transplanted hair is going on. From time to time, you will get new instructions and tips. 

Healing Process Timeline:

If you are the one who underwent the hair transplant and to make your healing process effective and accurate, you should follow and need to understand the instructions which are mentioned below: 

  • Right after the treatment: The time of recovery will be started right after the treatment as newly transplanted hair are now part of your scalp and it is very sensitive to take care of. On that day, you just need to take a rest and go home right after the procedure. Moreover, you may experience some redness, itching and swelling at the treated area but these are temporary and will be healed in the coming days. 

You can take painkillers for pain and use ice packs for swelling. Right after the procedure, do not take shower at least for 24 to 48 hours. Sleep in a straight position and oppositely direction of the treated area. 

  • After few days of procedure:

Within few days if you feel any discharge or any other symptom, you need to report your practitioner. After several weeks, the swelling that mostly appears on the forehead will disappear after some days, you will observe that the redness will be fading away. At this time, you will not feel the pain like before. The beginning incisions spots will be healed but still not completely recovered, it may require few months.  

Keep taking good care of your scalp and treated area with prescribed precautions for fixing it. Do not touch rub or scratch the treated area. If you still feeling pain or swelling is not fading away even after several days then immediately inform your practitioner as soon as possible. Do not go out in direct sunlight or it will affect your treated area and harm the scalp. After 2 weeks, you can take shower according to the instructions of your practitioner. 

  • Within few months:

After several weeks to few months, your transplanted hair follicles will go into the resting period that means they will start to fall off. After completing one month, you will probably notice that most of your hair will be gone at the end of the first month. Do not worry about it because it is usual and you can’t say that your transplanted hair treatment get worst. The dermatologist usually called this term shock loss. 

You may observe little pimples on the treated area and they are just because of folliculitis. Do not worry about it, these pimples are common for skin conditions but you should report your practitioner after observing such issues. 

You should continue your care routine after shock loss and observing such issues because only aftercare can cure such problems. New hair will grow up after some time and the best way to sorting the pimple problem is to not touch rub or scratch the area. Use prescribed antibiotic for the prevention of infection as well.   

  • Completing 6 months:

When a candidate of hair transplantation complete 6 months, he/she will notice the signs of growing new hair, some of them observe such signs earlier but some of them seen later. The new hair will be in good texture and looks natural with thickness, the donor will be healed completely. You have to groom your hair still and wait for the right time. You can style your hair or dye your hair whatever you want to. 

Our experts would like to review the growth of new hair and want to check your satisfaction with progress, that’s why we require you to appoint a session with you for assessment. Still, it is better to take good care of your hair and wear a cap whenever you go outside and for protection from sunburns. 

  • After 8 months to 1 year:

After 8 months to onward, the candidate will get 80% to 90% growth of transplanted hair. You will see the thickness and fullness of your new transplanted hair. Some people get complete results within 8 to 10 months and some of them require 12 months. So, it requires a consultation session for reviewing your transplanted hair situation after 8 months to onward. 

You will observe the full effect of hair transplant after 12 months to onward. Basically, different people heal differently. When you consult with experts, they will check and monitor the recovery period and listen to you about your journey of hair transplant. 

Therefore, these are the details of the Hair Transplant Recovery Timeline. Without taking care of transplanted hair according to the prescribed instructions of expert, it will get worst and you can’t blame that your surgery went wrong.Further, if you want to consider a hair transplant or want to know more about the recovery period plan with aftercare instructions, you should consult SKN cosmetic’s experts who will guide you on the best and helpful instructions.