How Can Anxiety Cause Sexual Dysfunction in Men

What is Anxiety?

Anxiety is known as your body’s instinctive reaction to stress. This feedback from the human body leaves the person feeling worried, nervous and uneasy regarding something they are not sure about. Being anxious is very common among young people, especially men. Even though this response is a mental health issue, it impacts the body physically as well. People suffering from anxiety tend to be jumpy and uneasy at all times. In most cases, there is also the probability that a person’s anxiety will have an impact on their sexual health as well, especially the men.


Anxiety is caused by a number of factors, such as medication or being stressed out. Having an anxiety disorder is not the same as suffering from anxiety. Sometimes other mental illnesses can also trigger the body’s anxiety response. These disorders include:

  • Phobias
    Having a phobia of a particular thing can also cause a person to feel anxious
  • Panic disorder:
    This disorder is one of the many causes of feeling anxious.

Certain events in a person’s life can also be the root of their anxiousness. Some examples include:

  • Being stressed out at one’s workplace or educational institute.
  • Feeling pressured or drained in close relationships like marriage, friends or with family.
  • Feeling stressed out due to financial troubles
  • Being concerned or burdened by political or global unrest

Sometimes a person’s medication can also cause them to feel uneasy and on edge at all times, leading them to develop an anxiety disorder.

Are we physically impacted by our anxiety?

Even though everyone feels anxious at least once a day, chronic anxiety can have a long-term impact on your mental and physical state. Stress can cause several of our body parts to start functioning differently due to constant uncertain chemical and hormonal changes in the body. Some examples include:

  • Brain
    Suffering from Chronic anxiety can cause the brain to release excess amounts of stress hormones regularly, causing you to get dizzy and depressed more frequently. These chemicals can cause you to gain weight and kill your libido.
  • Heart
    Being anxious all the time can cause you to feel chest pain and a rapid heartbeat constantly throughout the day.
  • Lungs
    Our breathing is also affected due to anxiety. IT can cause an individual to have rapid breathing, making asthma symptoms grow much worse.

How Can Anxiety Cause Sexual Dysfunction in Men?

Other than affecting the person mentally and physically, most people suffer sexually too due to their anxiety. Men face this issue more as compared to women, causing their sex drive to increase or decrease. Other than causing problems with your libido, anxiousness can also cause you to suffer from erectile dysfunction.

Increase in Sex Drive:

The rise in a man’s sex drive is due to the following reasons:

  • Anxious men tend to seek feelings of comfort and security associated with sexual intimacy. This leads to individuals wanting to make a more profound bond with their significant other.
  • IF you feel stressed out, you will try and restrict yourself from feelings of intimacy. This causes the sex drive to elevate
  • Lastly, you may also use it as a distraction from feeling uneasy.

Decrease in Sex Drive:

Your libido can be impacted negatively as well due to your anxious state of mind. Other reasons include:

  • Being constantly worried can make you not want to be intimately involved for the time being.
  • Hormonal changes in the brain can also cause you to feel uneasy and avoid sexual intimacy. Hormones can also restrict the testosterone in your body, causing changes in the flow of blood that cause an erection.

Erectile Dysfunction:

A majority of men in their youth will face this issue due to stress and their anxiousness. However, there are other factors at play as well. Your anxiety causes changes in the body’s blood flow, neurology, muscles, hormonal system, and even your emotions.

  • Men who are in their 30s or those going through work-related stress are prone to suffering from sexual dysfunction because of their anxiety. However, this usually goes away once you are at ease.
  • Feelings of stress can cause the body to release an increased amount of stress hormones. This lowers the amount of testosterone being released.
  • Feeling uneasy or angsty can also trigger your brain into sending signals to your copulatory organ to allow the blood to flow better. This usually happens in men who associate sexual intimacy with safety.

 What’s the next step?

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