Non Surgical Hair Replacement & Hair Transplant Islamabad, Pakistan

About 50% of people are affecting by male pattern baldness (androgenetic alopecia) in Pakistan. This condition is primarily associated with coronary heart disease and prostate problems for men, as well as hormonal imbalances, chemotherapy, protein deficiency and anaemia in women. The hair loss starts above the temples generating the typical M-shape.

With the growing age and time, it further continues to start on the top, sides, and rear of the head leading to complete baldness that immensely affects the person’s self-esteem. SKN Cosmetic Surgery Clinic is offering surgical and non-surgical techniques to help people who are uncomfortable with their appearance because of significant hair loss.

What’s Effective – Hair Transplant or Replacement?

Hair Transplantation in Pakistan:

Bald areas on the head really bother you. To give a permanent and natural solution, medical science has developed the technique of hair transplant surgery that has been carried out for years. Today, the cosmetic surgeons at SKN are using diverse techniques that have changed a lot in recent years including FUT and FUE to bring back what looks like a fuller head.

How Is The Procedure Carried Out?

It involves the extraction of hair follicles from the back of the scalp and transplanting them into the area where hair loss is evident. Hair transplant surgery in Islamabad only requires a donor area with plenty of your natural hair to carry out the procedure effectively. If you have no donor area, this procedure won’t be suitable for you. You will be recommended to go with hair replacement systems. The actual procedure of transplantation takes few hours to get completed. Your surgeon first administers local anaesthesia that helps in causing no pain. Following the surgeon, hair follicles are taken, dissected and then implanted in the created incisions. Outcomes start to become noticeable after 3 months but the final results become apparent after 8-9 months that are completely natural and permanent.

Advantages of Hair Transplant:

  •    FUE technique leaves no visible scar
  •    It gives you a positive aesthetic look
  •    The donor area looks unaffected and unaltered
  •    It improves the self-confidence and self-esteem
  •    It involves a painless procedure with no risks of infections

Hair Replacement in Pakistan:

People who want to get their hair back but have no donor area can go with hair replacement technique. We offer well-designed hairpieces, wigs, hair units and extensions at a very reasonable cost. These hair systems have gained popularity due to their versatility and affordability that give a very acceptable appearance to the sufferers of hair loss. If you are afraid of undergoing surgical treatment then today you have another option of going with hair replacement. This technique uses hairpieces that demand monthly maintenance and are replaced regularly. Today, the materials used in the manufacturing of toupees and wigs are much fine and more sophisticated. A good cosmetic surgeon always matches the texture, colour, style, and density of your hair with the replacement units before starting the procedure. Once decided, your hair system will be styled and ready to put in place.

Advantages of Hair Replacement:

·        It delivers instant results

·        Suitable for people who have no donor area

·        It involves a non-invasive and pain-free technique

·        It uses no surgical tool to carry out the procedure

·        Custom hairpieces can be wear throughout the life

·        Freedom of changing the texture whenever you want

Make Your Strong Decision Today With SKN Clinic:

There you have much information about the two surgical and non-surgical techniques of hair loss. If you still have confusions and queries in pointing out the right option for a natural-looking head of hair, you can consult our cosmetic surgeon. We are offering FREE consultations. Fill out the form and meet experts at SKN