How Long does hair transplant Last in Islamabad

Nowadays, losing hair day by day is becoming a common problem in male or female. It is due to any person’s genetics, health situation, and depression. Many elements affect impulsive hair loss, thin hair or receding hairline. While there are some medicines and procedures are available that a lot of people experience for hair processes and long-lasting outcomes. So there is an obvious question appear in your mind that How Long Does Hair Transplant Result Last in Islamabad Pakistan?

Let’s discuss it. While in a view of the hair transplant Islamabad process, the first question raised in mind that how long a hair treatment lasts. If you desire to have results for a long time, get it done by an expert and experienced hair practitioner.

Long-lasting Results:

Once the treatment has done, a candidate will observe the new outer-line of the enhancing hair-line. A lot of candidates observe that newly restored hair fall out within 12 – 24 days. It takes 5 months before a candidate can see the notable improvements in the hair growing process. The full outcomes of the transplantation would be observable within a year. In many instances, a hair restoration process will last for a long time due to healthy follicles are restored into empty spots. Therefore, some hair treatment can affect by few points e.g. candidate’s hair type, age of the candidate, & area of hair loss. In this kind of instances, maybe it will be necessary for multiple procedures to get ideal outcomes. Most of the hair treatment’s results are permanent and natural-looking. There are some other factors where the possibilities of outcomes last for a long time:

  • The results depend on the surgeon you select.
  • The well-reputed clinic.
  • The experience and expertise of a specialist.
  • Environment and quality of equipment.
  • The number of follicles.

How Long Will Hair Transplant Last in FUE?

This kind of procedure in which a large area of the head is covered. Many specialists claim that this method is a permanent method of hair loss. A candidate will be satisfied.

How Long Will Hair Transplant Last in FUT?

This type of procedure comes with outstanding results. A candidate will get a full head of natural hair. Furthermore, its results will be last for a long time.


There are a lot of benefits in hair transplantation and both techniques (FUT & FUE) have the benefits as following:

  • The natural-looking and complete face feature.
  • Guaranteed about restoration.
  • Suitable transplantation with Speedy recovery.
  • Leaving behind no sign of extraction.
  • Safe and effective method.

Less discomfort and both are painless treatments can be performed with body hair as well.


To maintain after treatment, some post-operative care tips will be helpful for you for How Long Does Hair Transplant Result Last in Islamabad Pakistan:

  • Don’t wash the scalp for 25 to 35 hours after the surgery.
  • Be careful to touch the scalp on newly planted follicles.
  • As mentioned, do not take blood thinners before and after surgery.
  • Avoid direct sunlight.
  • No smoking and alcohol, please.


To discover an amazing natural hair look, feel free to consult about hair last results in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan. We will convert your dreamy look into reality!