Breast implant in Pakistan

The beauty of every woman is to have an enhanced breast size and accurate figure. Some women are so lucky to have perfect size but many of them aren’t lucky enough to have it. So, the advanced cosmetic treatments introduced one of the surgical methods that can last for a long time, known as Breast Implants.

Now, the main concern is to know about the cost range because you always prefer a satisfying treatment within a reasonable cost range. However, in this blog post, you will learn all about How much do breast implants cost in 2021. As well as its all factors. So, keep reading!

What Are Breast Implants?

A surgical procedure that is used to perform for making the breast size fuller and bigger is known as Breast Implants. It is a plastic surgery that is performed by expert plastic surgeons and under general anesthesia. The implants are inserted into the breast area by making an incision. Moreover, it is a long-term result-providing procedure that can make any woman more enhanced and boost up their self-confidence.

Types of Breast Implants:

According to SKN Cosmetics, there are several types of implants material that are used for inserting to increase breast size. However, the types are mentioned below:

  • Saline implants – It is a type of material that is filled with sterile saltwater and provides you with amazing natural shape, firmness and appearance.
  • Silicone implants – It is an implant material that is filled with silicone gel and provides more natural results and appearance as compared to others. There are no major risks of leaking implants.

Therefore, if you are willing to get this treatment for enhancing the size of your breast then it requires a consultation session where your surgeon will examine your condition including your medical history and expectations. After that, they will suggest you a suitable treatment option.

Cost of Breast Implants at SKN Cosmetics:

Generally, the average Cost of Breast Implants in Islamabad ranges between 125,000 PKR to 200,000 PKR. Also, it is necessary to know that it is a surgical procedure that cannot be performed at cheap rates. It is a very delicate and personal matter where you can’t trust an unprofessional person or an unknown clinic. So, always do research and consultation sessions before deciding the implant treatment.

Other Cost Factors:

After knowing that How much do breast implants cost in 2021, there are several factors that can affect the cost of the treatment while considering your desires and expectations. Common factors are mentioned below with little detail.

  • The experienced plastic surgeon’s fee – When you want to get a delicate and sensitive surgery, it is an obvious fact that you will always prefer a professional and experienced plastic surgeon for your treatment. By choosing the expert one, it will affect your cost as different surgeons have different fee criteria.
  • Location and reputation of the clinic – If you have a cosmetic clinic with a good reputation near to your then you don’t need to travel but if you don’t have a reputable and well-known clinic near to your location then you may need to travel from one place to another. In this factor, your cost of treatment will be affected by traveling expenses.
  • Implant material type – The most important factor to know before choosing treatment is to know that different implant material has different cost ranges. Some are less expensive and some are good quality material that is why they are expensive. However, by choosing a type of implant material, your cost will be affected accordingly.
  • Other supporting charges – Last but not least, it may include other charges like medications, checkup sessions, anesthesia fees and hospital stays. So, these facilities might affect your cost according to your decision and requirements.

Furthermore, if you want to get more information related to cost or other queries then you can contact us or visit our clinic anytime. Our experts will provide you with helpful information. 

All Summed Up!

Consequently, if you are willing to get breast implants to increase the size and modification of the figure with high-quality material and at a reasonable cost then feel free to consult SKN Cosmetics Islamabad. We are here to provide you with satisfying results and a memorable experience.