How Much Does a Chemical Peel cost in Islamabad

With advancements in the beauty industry, there are a number of facials and treatments available to make you feel confident about yourself. Among these facial treatments is the famous Chemical Peel. It’s a beauty treatment that enhances the appearance of the skin on your face, neck, and even your hands. The procedure involves applying a chemical solution to the skin, causing it to exfoliate and peel off. How Much Does chemical peel cost in Islamabad?

Who Can Get These Peels?

This facial is used to treat damaged skin, and the following is a list of people who can opt to get this treatment done:

  • People who have wrinkles on their skin
  • People suffering from sun caused damage
  • Individuals who have scars on their face
  • Individuals suffering from pigmentation and uneven complexion problems

How Many Types of Peels Are There?

As of now, there are three types of peels available for you. These are:

  • The Superficial peel uses mild chemicals such as alpha-hydroxy acid to exfoliate the skin gently since it only works on the skin’s outer layer.
  • The Medium peel uses acids of lower PH such as trichloroacetic or glycolic acid and penetrates the skin to its second layer, making it much more effective.
  • Lastly, the Deep peel penetrates deep within the skin using phenol acid.

How Much Does a Chemical Peel Cost in Islamabad?

This treatment is considered a beauty routine procedure, and it is not covered by any medical insurance. You will have to cover the expenses from your own pocket. The total expense for this procedure depends on several things, such as:

  • Location: The clinic’s location has a significant impact on how much it will cost you to get this facial treatment. If the clinic is located in a posh neighborhood, they’ll probably charge you more.
  • Expertise: An experienced surgeon will charge you more as compared to a less experienced technician.
  • The type of peel: The chemical peel that you pick also varies in price. All three chemical peels are of different prices and can range from PKR 12,000 to PKR 15,000.

Overall the cost of this chemical procedure will cost you around PKR 8,000 to PKR 15,000 if you are looking to get it done from a beauty clinic in the capital.

Prepping For This Treatment:

Following are something that you should do before getting this facial treatment:

  • Reduce the use of retinol for about two days before the treatment
  • Let your dermatologist know about the medicines you are taking
  • Stop using Accutane for about six months prior.
  • Reduce the number of facial scrubs to one week prior
  • Avoid waxing, bleaching, threading, and hair removal creams before the treatment.

If the operating doctor prescribes medication, you should take the instructions seriously, and it’s most likely that you will have to take the meds before your appointment time.

Is There Any Risk Involved?

This procedure yields minor side effects, and they are only caused as part of the treatment. Temporary after effects include:

  • Skin Swelling up
  • Redness
  • Itchiness and dry skin
  • Slight burning sensation

All these sensations ease up within two hours of getting the treatment, and if your face is still itchy, your doctor will prescribe moisturizing serums to help your skin go back to its original state,

Recovery Period:

The healing period of this treatment varies from person to person. It also depends on the type of treatment option you pick.


If you opt for this option, the skin will heal in about five to eight days. Your complexion will also feel slightly darker or lighter during the recovery days.


The skin heals itself in six to nine if you pick this option for the treatment. It will swell up a little, and brown blemishes will appear on the skin. These blemishes heal within a week, and new skin is revealed.


Lastly, this option of chemical peels can cause serious side effects if not done correctly. So make sure that you consult with your surgeon first and then get the treatment. The skin will heal in fourteen days, while the redness will fade away within a month.

During this time period, you should strictly follow the doctor’s instructions. Your doctor will tell you to stay out of the sun and avoid using makeup. You should wash your face with cold water and make sure not to scrub too hard.

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