Nose surgery in Islamabad

It is getting common that people to choose a nose job for enhancing the beauty of the face. There are several methods and techniques that are useful for reshaping your nose, increasing or decreasing the size and altering the position. Now, your next concern will be its price and expense, it would be best if you talk to the experienced plastic surgeon of SKN Clinic who will guide you properly.

Reshape your Nose with a suitable Solution!

However, you will learn all about the treatment that includes its types and How much nose surgery cost in Pakistan with impacting factors. So, keep reading this blog post!

To Know – About Nose Surgery:

A Nose Surgery is also known as rhinoplasty or nose job that is used to perform for fixing different problems like breathing issues, crooked nose, misalignment, abnormal size or aesthetical concerns. It is a surgical procedure that will be done under general anesthesia as it takes 2 to 4 hours for making corrections in it. Moreover, it will provide long-lasting, effective and permanent results so that is how you will not require more nose surgeries. Lastly, it is suitable for all men and women except those who are under 20 or have medical issues.

Type of Nose Surgery:

Generally, there are a few types of nose techniques that are suggested according to the suitability and requirement of the client. Common techniques are mentioned below:

  • Open nose surgery.
  • Closed nose surgery.
  • septoplasty
  • Liquid rhinoplasty.
  • Revision nose job.
  • Threads lift nose method.

The Cost At SKN Clinic:

According to our clinic, the average Nose Surgery Cost in Pakistan ranges from 70,000 PKR to 300,000 PKR. You must understand that it is a plastic surgery that cannot be performed under any insurance company. Also, it is a delicate and sensitive surgery that will not be offered at cheap rates. So, it would be best if you talk to our best plastic surgeon who will guide you to a suitable and affordable option.

Other Impacting Cost Factors:

After knowing about How much nose surgery cost in Pakistan, there are a few factors that can impact on the cost of the treatment. A few common factors are mentioned below:

  • Choosing an expert plastic surgeon for your accurate surgery can affect your cost according to their fee criteria.
  • Type of nose surgery – when you choose the technique according to your nose issue, different methods are performed in the different cost ranges. The cost may raise or reduce when you finally decided on the method. Moreover, non-surgical nose treatments like liquid and thread lift procedures will be performed in multiple sessions, per session will be charged accordingly.
  • Location and reputation of the clinic matter a lot, if you have well known and trustworthy clinic near to you then go for it otherwise you may need to travel from one place to another for your treatment. The travelling expense will affect your cost.
  • Other additional charges like anesthesia fees, further checkup sessions, medications and many other supporting services can affect your cost accordingly.

Furthermore, if you want to consider this treatment then you should be aware of these factors because after including them, your cost will be changed. Moreover, you can call us or visit our clinic anytime.

A Note From SKN Cosmetics!

Therefore, if you want to consider nose surgery for fixing medical issues or aesthetic concerns then you can consult our clinic as we have experienced plastic surgeons, satisfying service providers and offer reasonable cost ranges as compared to other clinics. All in one, better to talk to our best plastic surgeon that will guide you, recommend suitable treatment and their performance will be accurate. It will be a memorable experience for you!