How to Get Rid of Double Chin Without Surgery

A double chin is considered the most unattractive attribute of a body that is developed due to several irregularities in the body. Double Chin removal is usually considered as the sign of obesity and is treated under excessive weight problems but double chin can be experienced by anyone, regardless of the age, size, and shape of fat deposits.


Basically, a Double chin is experienced in the body when the chin area gets loose skin or when excessive fats are deposited in the chin area. Both conditions lead to the formation of loosening skin under the chin area that feels like another chin and this condition is usually called the double chin. The double chin can be experienced due to the following reasons;

  • Unhealthy diet
  • Excessive weight
  • Hormonal change
  • Aging
  • Heredity

There are several other reasons that can cause a double chin condition. There are several postures that can lead to the formation of the double chin. For example, desk office routines can lead to the formation of a double chin, and in such cases, proper chin exercises are recommended by dermatologists/cosmetologists to get rid of a double chin without surgery. The most common factor that causes the double chin is the loosening of the skin and it can be caused due to wrong medication as well but usually, the biggest factor in contributing of double chin is considered age because aging causes the skin to loosen that eventually causes the double chin but having double chin may not necessarily mean that you are fat or old and you can get rid of a double chin without surgery easily.

Get Rid of Double Chin:

There are several treatments that are tailored to provide the users with double chin elimination without causing any incision or any side effects. The treatment machines available at SKN Cosmetic are specially designed to cure the double chin without causing any incision or without undergoing any surgical incision in the body. The answer to the most common question, How to Get Rid of a Double Chin without Surgery is as under:


The most successful treatment methods are Laser treatment, Ultherapy, RF treatment, and micro-needling treatment.

Laser fat Removal Treatment:

Laser treatment is considered as the most powerful treatment that allows the patient to get rid of the double chin by dissolving the excessive fat deposits in the chin area to reduce the size of the chin. Multiple sessions of laser treatment are required to get rid of a double chin without surgery completely. The laser treatment allows the patient to tighten the skin after double chin treatment as well by boosting the collagen production.

RF Treatment:

Radio Frequency treatment remodels the fat tissues and cells to improve the contour of the body and reduce the double chin effectively. The RF treatment generates fast results and targets areas large than laser treatment. It also can be applied to tighten the skin of the patient.


Ultherapy is a relatively new treatment procedure that is known as effective for fine lines, wrinkles, and double chin reduction. It’s easy to get rid of a double chin without surgery through utilizing the Ultherapy procedure as the ultrasound waves are capable of penetrating the skin and dissolving the excessive fat deposits from the chin. Ultherapy is also effective for skin tightening and it returns proper double chin removal to the users.


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