How To Get Rid of Hair Transplant Scars in Islamabad Pakistan

There are hundreds of people who are undergoing hair restoration treatments and with effective methods, they obtained satisfying results. Generally, the hair transplantation treatments are the performance of hair replacement and some tiny cuts are made for extracting and inserting follicular units from one place to another on the skin of the head. By that, the minor scars appear after 5 months of therapy when the scalps are properly healed. Even modern techniques can’t prevent prominent scars/spots. The next question will pop-up in all minds that How To Get Rid of Hair Transplant Scars in Islamabad Pakistan.

For handling this kind of problems, SKN offers an impressive solution that will be helpful for a candidate who is tired of hiding the scars and getting upset. We offer procedures that might be useful for decreasing the appearance of scars. Remember that, with time and age factor the scalp will start to become sag naturally and the worst thing is it will make scar visible.

Why Scars is Another Problem?

It is significant anxiety and depression for thousands of people and the majority is men. Even with modern and advanced technology, no specific practitioner can prevent his/her patient from the scars. The men can approach at that time when they can shave the full head. Because of this, the scars will appear and looks very annoyed and irritated.

Types of Scarring:

In the procedure of hair transplanting, there are four main types of scars. Also, it depends on the nature of surgical techniques that have used on the individual candidate. These are the following:

  • FUE or dots scar: It is an advanced technique for hair replacement method and by that, it leaves the round dots type of scar on the scalp skin.
  • FUT or strip scar: This treatment was widely used from the 1990s to onward and still using today. By that, FUT creates the most prominent scars that are even harder to conceal.

 These are the most common scars which appear in such cases.

Methods of Hiding:

Thanks to an expert researcher who introduced such treatments which can be a suitable solution for thousands of people around the globe. The following are the methods used for hiding scars.

  1. The cheapest and easiest way to hide the scar is to use Temporary Concealer. It might be least effective for many people to make their hair look as thick and complete.
  2. The most common method to hide the scar is Scalp Micro-Pigmentation. It is an effective option performed as tattooing on the scalp. Further, this method can deal with all type of scars.
  3. Mostly in FUT scarring, the invasive method is used as FUE. It can insert the graft onto the scar area.
  4. Another and temporary form of scalp micro-pigmentation is Trico-Pigmentation that performed as a semi-permanent inking insert into the upper layer of the scalp.
  5. Last but not the least, the Laser Procedure. This process is used under Fraxel & Vbeam laser techniques to make the less spot noticeable.

In FUE, the temporary concealer and scalp micro-pigmentation method is performed. Whereas in FUT, it leaves the most prominent scars and it is hard to conceal them. For this, we used to perform revision surgery. Your practitioner will be able to guide How to get rid of hair transplant scars and which procedure/method will work on you.

 The Outcomes:

According to SKN cosmetic, we provide long-lasting and impressive results to our clients. The outcomes differ from person to person and the techniques/methods of hiding scars also deliver different results. Wisely choose the best clinic and practitioner.


If you are seeking for an effective solution of How To Get Rid of Hair Transplant Scars in Islamabad Pakistan, feel free to consult us, we are looking forward to you!