How to Know If Your Hair Transplant Surgeon is Qualified enough

Generally, when you decide to have a hair transplant treatment and you want to obtain desirable outcomes, you always consider the best and qualified surgeon. The obvious query in your mind will be that How to Know If Your Hair Transplant Surgeon is Qualified? This article covers all the information about it.

What You Should Know Before the Treatment?

When you considering a hair restoration treatment, you have to know all the details about what the surgeon/practitioner will treat you and how he/she will perform on you. An initial meeting with your restoration practitioner will be for checking proper qualification criteria, safe process & effective hair treatment. Because it is a complex process that required a well-trained practitioner and team to supports and to be successful. Further are more points to know before hair procedure:

  • Do your search on the surgeon and clinic through reliable sources of information.
  • If someone suggesting to you about the clinic, make sure he/she will know the working of the surgeon which they are recommending.
  • Maybe your surgeon will give you the names or contact information of previous patients so you can talk with.

After combining all the solid and objective information of the surgeon, the decision making will become easy and quick for you.

The Surgeon’s Experiences:

The priority of yours will be searching for a practitioner with experience in several types of hair restoration treatment that you want for yourself. You should know about the previous record of successful outcomes of your practitioner. Sometimes, the only experience is not enough, you may ask your surgeon about his/her expertise as well. You may ask your surgeon to see before and after photos from the previous patients.

The Surgeon’s Qualification:

The most important point to check before any other research, do check about the qualification of your surgeon. There are some points to follow for checking the qualification of the practitioner:

  • A surgeon does have specific training and understanding of all aspects of hair loss.
  • He/she should have practice in plastic surgery.
  • Medical schooling, then a few years of residency.
  • The skills required for successful procedures.

At SKN cosmetics, our experienced and expert surgeons have qualification and certification in the hair transplantation field.

At Which Clinic Surgeon is Performing:

It is necessary to check about your surgeon that what is the location of your surgeon is performing his/her work or the location of a clinic where a surgeon is performing hair restoration treatments. The reputation of the clinic is also an important point to check before your hair transplantation.

Questions You Should Ask Surgeon:

In the initial session, you can ask a few questions related to your surgeon, treatment and atmosphere of the clinic. You will probably get the answer about How to Know If Your Hair Transplant Surgeon is Qualified? These are:

  • What is the education, training, licensure and experience in treating hair procedures?
  • Who will be involved in my treatment, what role will they play and what is their education, training and experience?
  • Is the clinical staff or team is helpful and supportive?
  • Is the clinic neat and clean?

Make sure all your questions are answered according to your satisfaction and demand.

What to Avoid?

There are certain things which you should avoid to believe or follow. It is possible for anyone who can use any medical degree to call themselves a hair transplant practitioner. Most people use fake degree just for making their surgeons famous. In case, if you didn’t find proper qualification criteria, any expertise and researches of a surgeon, be also aware of hair treatments by such unlicensed practitioners.

Some surgeons promote unwanted discounts and incentives for making themselves famous and best like book an appointment now for having a free PRP session. Don’t trust them!

The first consultation is necessary for making any decision and chooses the best practitioner for your treatment.


If you are trying to seek more knowledge about How to Know If Your Hair Transplant Surgeon is Qualified, book an appointment with SKN cosmetics. We will provide you with helpful information.