Dental veneers in Islamabad

Does a single tooth affect your smile or do you want to recover your discoloured, chipped or cracked tooth then don’t be worried, an advanced method that is mostly recommended by an expert dentist is known as dental veneers.

However, if you are going to consider this option then here we are guiding you with Important things to know before getting Dental veneers. So, that is how you can decide easily by knowing every factor related to this dental treatment. Keep reading!

What Are Dental Veneers?

An advanced and effective dental procedure that is used to cover the affected tooth with a thin covering shell kind of material is known as Dental veneers. This thin material covers the defected or cracked tooth (teeth) with your natural teeth colour. It is a cosmetic dentistry procedure that enhances the smile makeover and provides you attractive appearance without any complications.

However, there are several types of veneers that are used to place on the front of teeth are Porcelain, Composite, Lumineers and Removable Veneers. These will be recommended according to the suitability of the candidate and desires.

How Does It Work?

According to SKN cosmetics, an expert dentist will perform this procedure at the clinic. In the initial consultation, the dental practitioner will examine your defective teeth condition and provide teeth matching scale for the accurate colour of natural teeth. After that, they will choose the material type and perform the procedure with two methods Direct and Indirect.

However, the duration of the procedure will be 30 to 40 minutes or it depends that how many teeth you need to cover and after placing the veneers, the candidate can go home for at least one day rest and take good care of the new teeth by following the prescribed aftercare instructions. The results will be long lasting and effective without having any type of risks and complications.

Important Things To Know For Getting Veneers:

Generally, a lot of people need to improve their smile, teeth size, shape or alteration and it is our priority to guide them with helpful details. Therefore, important things to know before deciding on veneers are mentioned below:

  • Veneers are not removable.

It is necessary to know the first thing about veneers is that they are not removable especially porcelain and composite as they are placed for long-lasting. It is better to place such veneers when you are completely satisfied with information according to dental veneers.

  • They fix several dental problems.

Dental veneers are effective and helpful for different defects that appear on teeth. Somehow, problems like, chipped, cracked, discoloured, size changes or alteration of teeth to modify your smile. So, this cosmetic procedure is worthy and gives your noticeable changes.

  • Porcelain is better than other veneers.

Of course, it may get expensive but porcelain veneers are much better and most of our dentists recommend this type of veneer for proper enhancement. So, if your dentist recommends you this type of veneer then don’t wait and get them.

  • It is not suitable for EVERYONE.

On the other side, veneers are not suitable for everyone as it requires suitability and is placed according to the condition of the candidate. However, better to speak with your dentist in detail and if you are not an eligible candidate then go for other alternatives. Moreover, it is a dental cosmetic procedure that only modifies the appearance of teeth.

  • Take good care of veneers.

By taking good care of your veneers according to your dentist’s instructions will make them long-lasting and maintain their stability. But if you don’t care, they get broken or you may experience a cavity that might get you into trouble.

  • Always choose according to your cost range. 

Another important factor to consider before choosing veneers is to always choose a reasonable cost range. When you are satisfied with the cost range then you can easily get this effective treatment option.

  • More importantly, choose an Expert Dental Surgeon.

Last but not least, when you choose a professional and expert dental practitioner, your treatment will be performed accurately and perfectly. So, always choose an experienced dentist who gives you a memorable experience.

Furthermore, after knowing Important things to know before getting Dental veneers, you can contact us or visit our clinic for more information according to your expectations and concerns.

All Summed Up!

Therefore, dental veneers are an effective and satisfying option for those people who need to improve and enhance their smile appearance for good. Moreover, you don’t need to extract your defective tooth when you select veneers.

However, if you need to get your veneers done by an expert dentist and in a reasonable cost range then feel free to consult SKN cosmetics for this amazing treatment. We are here to provide you with satisfying performance and accurate outcomes according to your desire and expectations.