Is 30 or 40 A Good Age For Hair Transplant

Nowadays, the main issue that most men and women are experiencing is the hair loss problem. It is affecting 50% of males and 65% of females of all age groups. According to research, the affecting hair loss age is 35. After that, few people experience such issues in the late 50s. Sometimes, it gets worst at an early age because of many reasons.

The main issue of getting bald or experiencing a hair loss in the 20s is allocated to pattern baldness caused by hormonal changes or genetics. Such problems as getting bald at an early age can affect anyone’s quality of life and appearance. This blog post will cover all information about Is 30 or 40 A Good Age For Hair Transplant and what if you want to get hair transplant early. Keep reading!

Hair Transplantation:

According to SKN cosmetics, a hair transplant is a treatment that is performed with two advanced methods. First is FUE – which is known as follicular unit extraction and is performed as extracting individual hair follicles from healthy donor areas and insert them at recipient areas. Another method is FUT – also known as the strip method, and that is performed as extracting a strip from the backside of the scalp and implant it on bald areas.

Both are recommended after reviewing the situation of the candidate. If the candidate needs to get a hair transplant for patchy areas, then FUE is best. Or, if a candidate needs to get full coverage, then FUT is the ideal option. The results will start to be seen after 2 to 4 months, and complete results will be obtained after 10 to 12 months. It depends on the dermatologist’s performance and after-care routine.

The Ideal Age of Hair Transplant:

The hair transplantation experts believe that hair transplantation’s best and ideal age depends on how healthy the candidate is. Young people are not good candidates because they have not still determined fully, and it is better to consult with your hair specialist, who will let you know about your concerns and issues. However, experts declare that the best age for getting a hair transplant is 30+.

Factors to Consider Hair Transplant:

Some factors can be considered before recommending a hair transplant. It is important to consider these factors before recommending hair treatment to any age person. These are mentioned below:

  • What type of hair loss is a candidate experiencing?
  • Getting the hair loss pattern.
  • To check the quality of donor sites, whether these are healthy or not.
  • The size of the bald area.
  • What is the age of the candidate who wants to get a hair transplant?
  • Is the candidate suffering from any other medical conditions?
  • What will be the best method for a candidate, FUE or FUT?

Should You Wait to Get a Hair Transplant?

Generally speaking, when young candidates experience hair loss, they might feel that it will be permanent hair loss. They should consult with a hair specialist to report hair loss immediately. Such candidates may look like it is a good option for undergoing a hair transplant, but it is important to learn that if they get a hair transplant, the hair loss process will be constant, and with time, they will fall again.

So, it is better to wait for the right age and not get depressed when you experienced hair loss early. This fact might be like your new growth of hair is appearing and old are falling.

What If a Person Wants To Get Treatment in Their Early 20s?

People are mostly asked about Is 30 or 40 A Good Age For Hair Transplant, and experts always recommend getting a hair transplant after the 30s. As mentioned above, it is important to understand why you can’t get a hair transplant at an early age because of the hair growth cycle.

Otherwise, if you are still worried about your hair fall, then you can use the medication of stopping hair loss or consult for other hair treatments like:

For considering these hair restoration treatments, your practitioner will review your condition and ask you about your family and medical history. After that, a suitable option may recommend you.

All Summed Up!

The best age matters a lot in hair transplantation’s procedure, its results, and hair growth. If you are at an ideal age, then this treatment will be recommended to you. Otherwise, it is better to wait and make your diet well, which might be a reason for temporary hair loss. If you want to know more about the ideal age and other concerns, you need to consult SKN cosmetics.