Is Hair Transplant Surgery Haram

To have perfect hair growth is getting rare because many people, whether it’s a man or woman, are experiencing hair loss issues nowadays. Many treatments can restore your hair to make it look attractive, but if you are experiencing extreme hair loss or start getting bald, you need to have a hair transplant in Islamabad surgery to regrow your natural hair.

Besides all this, people make rumors and stories about this treatment that is it not permissible in Islam, or you cannot get a hair transplant because it’s haram. Well, in this blog post, we are going to discuss Is Hair Transplant Surgery Haram? So, keep reading this blog if you are also one of them who thinks it is haram.

What Does Our religion Say?

Now, the main thing to discuss that Is Hair Transplant Surgery Haram? So the short answer is NO! It is not haram in Islam. The purpose of defining each and everything about hair transplantation procedure is to show that none of anything related to haram stuff or no one is performing anything haram to your head.

The hair follicles are extracting from the patient’s own head area and transplanted on the other areas. The hair growth will be in authentic appearance, and they will be your real hair. If you think that balding is regarded as a defect, then the technique of transplanting hair will be Permissible.

The acceptance is because this has come under the head of restoring that which ALLAH has created or correcting an unsatisfactory feature. It doesn’t come under the cosmetic procedure or add anything in your feature to what ALLAH TA’ALA has created. Instead, it is restoring something that is lacking or removing the fault.

What is Hair Transplant?

First, you need to know about hair transplanting surgery; it is a minimally invasive procedure performed under local anesthesia for not feeling any pain. The hair specialist will perform it by extracting hair follicles or hair grafts from the healthy donor site and implant them on the empty or patchy areas.

There are two types of techniques performed in hair transplanting surgery; one is FUE – which is performed as extracting individual units of hair follicles and inserting them into the patchy/bald areas. Whereas another one, FUT – which is known as strip technique, the strip of hair grafts will be extracted and implant on the recipient areas. Both techniques are effective, but FUE is more advanced than FUT.

How Will It Be Performed?

The procedure will be performed at the clinic and by an experienced hair specialist; the procedural steps are mentioned below:

  • The hair specialist will inject local anesthesia on the donor site first.
  • After that, if FUE is applying, it will extract hair grafts from the donor site and place them for placement, or if the FUT is applying, then the strip will be extracted from the backside of the head.
  • Then, the practitioner will inject local anesthesia to the treated area, and on bald areas, the tiny incision will be created for implanting grafts.
  • After preparing the recipient area, the hair grafts will be implanted in tiny incisions accurately.

Therefore, the procedure will need time according to the treated area. Otherwise, it will take 3 to 8 hours for transplanting hair. After that, the surgeon will bandage the treated area, and you can go home with aftercare instructions from your specialist.

When Will You See The Hair Growth?

According to experts, the transplanted hair will start to regrow on its own like a candidate will observe 20 to 30% hair growth after 4 to 5 months after the hair transplanting surgery. The 50% hair growth will be obtained after six months of the treatment and 70 to 80% growth in 9 to 10 months. After twelve months, the final results can be seen because it depends on person to person, some candidates get final growth before 12 months, and some may be obtained later.

All summed up!

Therefore, the hair transplanting surgery is not haram, whereas it is just a procedure that your own hair follicle skin will be extracted from one place of the head and inserted into the bald areas of the head. So, if you are clear and want to consider a hair transplant treatment, then feel free to consult SKN cosmetic; we will provide you outstanding services and satisfying results