laser hair removal for face cost & procedure in Islamabad

In recent times, laser hair removal in Islamabad has become the most effective method for the removal of unwanted hair. It is a medical procedure that utilizes a laser beam to remove the hair. The hair follicles absorb the laser light emitted by the low-beam laser and are converted into heat. This will directly damage the hair follicles. This procedure will delay the growth of hair in the future. This is a specific procedure that removes the hair which you do not require any further. The most common areas under treatment are the legs, armpits and chin. Those areas which cannot be treated by this procedure are eyelids and their surrounding areas. Read on to learn more about laser hair removal for face cost & procedure in Islamabad.

How to Prepare for Laser Hair Removal

Unwanted hair isn’t just “zapped” away with laser hair removal. It is a potentially dangerous medical procedure that calls for training to perform. You should conduct a thorough background check on the physician or technician performing the laser hair removal procedure before getting the procedure. Limit plucking, waxing, and electrolysis for six weeks prior to laser hair removal if you intend to get rid of unwanted hair that way. Due to the roots of the hairs being temporarily removed by waxing or plucking, the laser specifically targets those roots.

Laser Hair Removal – a Step-by-Step Process:

We will give you the choice to get a topical anaesthetic just before the laser procedure to help with any discomfort during the procedure. For more delicate areas, like the bikini line and underarms, we will apply it 20 to 30 minutes before the laser procedure. Usually, you need to wear eye protection, and our dermatologist will alter the laser equipment’s settings in accordance with the location, thickness, and colour of the skin.

In order to protect the outer skin and reduce side effects, we will apply a cool gel over the area:

  • Light pulses will be delivered to the treatment area during the laser area and some mild discomfort may be experienced.
  • Some people have compared this to a warm pinprick or a thin rubber band snapping against the skin. In comparison to subsequent treatments, the first one typically causes the most discomfort.
  • The length of the laser procedure varies from a few minutes to an hour depending on the treatment area.
  • You might receive ice packs, anti-inflammatory cream, lotion, or another form of pain relief after the procedure is finished.

What to Expect After Laser Hair Removal?

  • For the first few hours following laser hair removal, you might experience redness and swelling.
  • Ice should be applied to the treated area to ease any pain.
  • The doctor may apply a steroid cream to the affected area if you experience a skin reaction right away after laser hair removal.
  • Avoid exposure to the sun and refrain from using a tanning bed for six weeks after laser hair removal and in between appointments, unless otherwise prescribed by your doctor.
  • Frequently apply a broad-spectrum SPF 30 sunscreen.

Cost of Laser Hair Removal:

A popular beauty investment is laser hair removal. It is more expensive than shaving or waxing, but you can save money on body hair removal costs over time when you do not require more treatments. After considering the hair texture, quantity, and body parts for hair reduction, we will determine the procedure’s actual cost. In light of your desired results, the cost differs. You must, however, go to your professional practitioner’s initial consultation so that you can learn about the cost’s acceptable range and other relevant factors.

5 Factors Affecting the Cost of Hair Removal:

Following factors affect the Laser Hair Removal Cost in Pakistan:

The size of the area under treatment:

You cannot use a laser under the eyes. Smaller areas, like the pubic area, take less time to massage than larger areas, like the legs, chest, or back.

The locality of the clinic:

The price depends in part on where in the nation you reside. Depending on where you live, sessions cost to vary.

The number of sessions:

The number of sessions you’ll require. During your consultation, we will provide you with the details of the whole procedure. While three to six sessions are possible, four are more typical.

The colour of hair:

This is one of the major contributing factors in influencing the price of laser hair removal in Islamabad. It works best if your hair is darker than your skin tone because the pigment in the hair absorbs the laser’s energy. Treatment works best on dark hair and light skin. Red or blonde hair does not respond well to the procedure. The process will take several sessions, and the outcomes might not be reliable.

The type of skin:

Another element that will impact the price is your skin tone. The best candidate for laser hair removal has very dark skin. The pigment in the skin is able to absorb the laser’s energy. In extreme situations, this could lead to burns or skin damage. You shouldn’t be tan when getting laser hair removal because of this. To give your tan time to fade before the procedure, refrain from tanning for a month.

Hair density:

How much body hair a person has also affected the cost. A higher body hair density will result in higher costs than a lower body hair density. This is so that the removal of all unwanted hairs happens, as the former requires more sessions.

Hair texture:

Another important aspect is the texture of your hair. When compared to a person with softer hair, a person with coarser hair will require more laser sessions. The price will also increase if you schedule more sessions.

Choice of laser equipment:

The type of laser hair removal equipment used significantly affects the cost. You must pick a reputable and trustworthy clinic that performs the procedure exclusively using the most recent and cutting-edge laser technology.

Experience of the doctor:

Only licenced and certified doctors should perform laser-based procedures to ensure a secure and efficient procedure. You can expect to pay more for a consultation with a licenced and experienced cosmetologist.

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