Liposuction Cost in Islamabad

Genetically, both genders are predisposed to store fat in their body. Those areas are thighs, hips, buttocks, around waist etc. it is hard to get rid of these types of fats through exercise and diet plan. Furthermore, with age factors, fat cells enlarge in the neck jowls and upper-arm sites. With all these issues, the specialist suggests the safest therapy called Liposuction in Islamabad.

It’s a method of eliminating unwanted fats from the body that clients want to. Also, it reshapes the body as the desired look and SKN cosmetics offer Liposuction Cost in Islamabad Pakistan with affordable and reasonable rates.

 Why Us?

SKN cosmetic clinic offers the best services to our clients with desired results and maintains the highest standards of patient safety. We proceed with a treatment step by step and our specialist are experienced and expert. We maintain the quality and satisfaction level of a client through our best under good environment. It is a very popular cosmetic surgery that can eliminate fats from different parts of the body which include:  buttocks, abdomen, thighs, waist, chest, cheeks and under chin etc., it can be performed alone or in a combination of other techniques as well.

 Its Benefits:

There’s a lot of benefits to this treatment. Do remember, this treatment is not about to reduce weight. Rather, it is a method of reshaping certain areas of the body. It is a cosmetic procedure which removes the fats from a problem area. Some of the benefits are as following:

  • The long-lasting results
  • It enhances the physical appearance
  • Less invasive treatment
  • Contour and reshape the body
  • It removes lipomas from the body


The candidates required for this treatment make sure first about that if they are an ideal candidate or not, the criteria are as follow:

  • You should be healthy
  • Above 18
  • A person who doesn’t have any serious disease

Liposuction Cost:

According to SKN cosmetic clinic, Liposuction Cost in Islamabad Pakistan varies from 1,00,000 PKR to 3,00,000 PKR depends upon the different factors. Usually, its cost is not fixed because first, the specialist will examine the treatment area then she/he will tell you about the cost. However, it can also define by some other factors like:

  • The treatment area/part
  • The expert surgeon fee
  • The quality and environment
  • Location or area of the clinic
  • Medication and anaesthesia

For more details about cost-related queries, do contact us for further information. If you want to send the photos for the cost estimation, we will be glad to give you the approximate quote.

A Complete Treatment:

Before the treatment, the specialist will discuss all the terms related to your health, he/she will review the medical history etc. he/she will advise you to stop taking any type of medication and blood thinners. The following are the types of liposuction:

  • Tumescent liposuction
  • Ultrasound-assisted liposuction
  • Laser-assisted liposuction
  • Power-assisted liposuction
  • Tummy Tuck

When the procedure starts, the specialist will mark the area to be treated. The specialist will select the best and appropriate technique for desirable results. The local or general anaesthesia will be given according to the need of numbness. The specialist’s staff will keep checking the heart rate of the patient till the end. The process lasts for some hours. The unwanted fats will be eliminated from the body by destroying the fats cells.

 The Outcome:

After the treatment, it takes time for complete settling of body and after 3 to 5 months you will observe the noticeable results and changings of the body. Its outcomes are long-lasting as long as a candidate maintain the weight.


If you are worried about the problem of unwanted fat and want to be treated in a good package. Our expert will guide you further if you will visit for a brief discussion. Consult us about Liposuction Price in Islamabad Pakistan. We are looking forward to you!