Male Rhinoplasty In Islamabad

The Word Rhinoplasty:

This is a unique and specific treatment, Rhinoplasty Nose Surgery which is also called a nasal job. It is an esthetic method that involves the reshaping and adjusting of the structure of the nasal for attaining a more balanced and appealing outcome.

According to SKN Clinic, the male nose job is performed according to the unique characteristics of the face. It is an aesthetic facial surgery that eases the candidate to masculinize the nasal and enhance the look of the face.

Is There Any Difference Between Male And Female Rhinoplasty?

The treatment for both is the same. In the table below are mentioned the different reasons:


  • Male Rhinoplasty
  •  It features a prominent, aligned bridge and the tip of the nose that is angled to 90°.
  •     In many cases, the nose of the males has a higher bridge and is wider or broader. The projection of the tip is higher.
  •  Men undergo the treatment to straighten the nasal bridge and enhance the width in the center of the nose.
  • Female Rhinoplasty
  •   It features a soft nose bridge and the angle of the nose is obtuse with the upper lip.
  •      lower projection of the tip and a slim nose.
  •      To fix the droopy tip.


What Changes Can Be Attained From The Methodology?

Every surgery can be customized according to the desire and will of the candidate. Male Rhinoplasty In Islamabad is capable of customizing the desirable and the most appealing look according to want the client is expecting. Below are listed some of the changes that fall in the category of nasal surgery:

  • The tip of the nose will be reshaped.
  • The septum will be straightened.
  • Decreasing or increasing the dimension of the nasal.
  • The angle between the nasal and upper lip will be adjusted.
  • The bumps of the nose will be reduced.

What Are The Types Of Methods?

  1. Open nasal Job.
  2. Closed nose job.
  3. Plasty of tip
  4. Filler Nasal job

How Should The Individual Prepare For The Methodology?

It is necessary to meet the practitioner to discuss the concerns and queries. The practitioner will notice the past medical of the individual and also ask about the present medications and conditions. A few necessary tips to be followed:

  • Examination of medical.
  • Medications will be required to take.
  • Quit smoking a month before.
  • Keep herbal supplements.
  • Be assured that your dermatologist is certified.

What Should Be Done After The Treatment?

Metal support will be put on the nose of the individual to maintain the order of the new shape until it completely heals. In a recovery room, the individual will be observed for a few duration. As per SKN Clinic, the dermatologist will advise the candidate to restrain from the following things for a couple of weeks post the treatment.

  • Examination of medical.
  • Physical activities such as running.
  • Blowing the nose.
  • Chewing excessively.
  • Putting any burden on the nose.
  • Brushing your teeth vigorously.
  • Stick to the prescribed medications.

What Are The Advantages Of The Treatment?

There are several benefits of Male Rhinoplasty In Islamabad, some of them are listed below:

  • The structural defects of the nose are repaired.
  • Enhanced The symmetry of the nose to match the features of the face.
  • Self-esteem is enhanced by improving the appearance of the face.
  • The results are very powerful as each treatment is customized.
  • Unwanted nasal features are eliminated.
  • Issue in the breathing is stabilized.

Take Notice Of Us!

There are numerous individuals who are seeking an appealing face where they want all the facial features to be well balanced in their positions. Enhance the look of your nose whether in the form of shape, size, or alignment. To get the desired outcome from our clinic. It is important to follow up on the post-methodology care instructions from the dermatologist to recover swiftly. If you have any further concerns visit our clinic or contact us.