Most Advanced Technology for Hair Transplantation in Islamabad Pakistan

Nowadays, every 3rd person out of 10 is experiencing hair loss and hair thinning issues. They want to improve hair density and volume through an effective and advanced method. Many people still think that hair transplanting is an old method and performed with old technology. No, you are wrong! 

The hair transplantation industry is getting advanced day by day and introducing many effective and new techniques for the facilities of depressed people. Islamabad is known as the best city which offers every new hair treatments, there are professional surgeons and reputable clinics. 

SKN cosmetics is located in Islamabad which offers the best and advanced techniques for hair transplantation. Read this blog post will cover all information about Most Advanced Technology for Hair Transplantation in Islamabad Pakistan and little details about the advanced methods. 

About Hair Transplantation:

According to SKN cosmetics, a hair transplant is a name of the treatment that is used to perform for restoring hair, improving hair density, alternative solution for baldness and hair loss. Such delicate surgeries are always performed by a skilful and experienced dermatologist. The hair transplantation is done under local anaesthesia and performed at the clinic/centre. Usually, it takes 6 to 8 hours for the procedure. It is suitable for all type of men and women but it is necessary to consult your surgeon initially for discussing candidacy criteria. 

The Outcomes:

The results of hair transplantation differ from person to person and according to the method that is performed. Overall, the outcomes of transplanting hair are always successful and dramatic which will stays long-lasting. Two factors are important to keep in mind for obtaining the desired results, first is to choose an experienced and board-certified surgeon for your hair treatment and the other one is to keep following the prescribed aftercare instructions that will be provided by your surgeon. With these two factors, you will get amazing and effective results for the long term. 

Most Advanced Technology for Transplantation:

In the industry of cosmetology and dermatology, new and advanced hair transplantation techniques are introducing with amazing impacts and results. At our clinic, many treatment techniques are used to perform for solving hair issues but the most advanced and effective techniques are mentioned below with their little details. 

  • FUE Hair Transplant: It is a type of advanced technology for the transplantation of hair, performed as the extraction method. The hair follicles are extracted from the healthy donor site of the back and place at the recipient area of the scalp where the hairs will be thin or empty spots. It is a popular technique that most people preferred for considering a hair transplant. It will provide dramatic results and an effective impact on the candidate’s personality. For achieving the desired results, two factors are necessary to keep in mind in the FUE procedure, first is to choose a surgeon who performs this advanced technique many times and handles it skillfully. Another is to take good care of the treated area after the surgery. Your surgeon will prescribe you few instructions related to the FUE method and your health. As in results, you will get complete results within 10 to 12 months. 
  • NeoGraft Hair Transplanting: Another effective technique for restoring hair is Neograft transplantation which is one of the newest and advanced methods. Its working is the same as FUE extracting and inserting the follicle units but it is different in the manner of performance. Like, the process of extraction and insertion is done by a specialized suction tool/device. It is a simple and quickest procedure that is performed under local anaesthesia.  

There will be no need to make an incision on the treated area during the procedure, the device will make tiny incisions by itself and place the follicle at the same time. It uses specific pressure so that’s how other follicles will be safe. The average duration of the procedure is from 4 to 10 hours. It depends on how much the grafts you require for the treated area. The major benefits are that it will not leave any scar on the treated area and provide long-lasting results. 

Therefore, both are the Most Advanced Technology for Hair Transplantation in Islamabad Pakistan which has benefits and accurate results in their own manners. 

How To Choose the Best One?

If you are the one who is experiencing hair loss problems and want to get advanced treatment options then do research online or it is necessary to consult an expert dermatologist nearby you. Better to consult your surgeon who will examine the condition of your hair loss and recommend you a suitable solution according to your health, need and desire. At our clinic, our surgeons highly focused on the health and condition of hair loss and after that, we recommend a suitable treatment option. 

Estimated Cost of Advanced Techniques:

When you select a treatment method, your surgeon will discuss cost-related details because both techniques have different price rates. So, when you choose the method, you will know the exact cost of the treatment. Otherwise, the average cost of hair transplantation ranges between 80,000 PKR to 3,00,000 PKR. Few cost factors can affect the cost and it is important to understand them before the procedure. These are mentioned below: 

  • The expert surgeon’s fee. 
  • Location and reputation of the clinic. 
  • Technique selection cost. 
  • Grafts requirements. 
  • Anaesthesia and other medication. 

Further, if someone wants to know more about cost and its factors, contact us for more details.  

All Summed Up! 

Therefore, the advanced techniques of hair transplanting are effective and have long-lasting results. Both techniques will provide dramatic impacts on personality with a lot of benefits. So, if you are one of them who are experiencing such complications then feel free to consult SKN cosmetics for advanced techniques of hair transplantation.