Nose Surgery Price in Pakistan

Nose surgery Price in Pakistan ranges from Rs.150,000 to Rs.250, 000 at different clinics for nose surgery. The price may vary from individual to individual. There has been introduced a wide range of nose surgeries in the past few decades. Each type has a different price associated with it. For different nose problems, there has been designed different surgical techniques.

Factors Affecting Price:

Prices may vary depending upon several factors. These factors have jotted down

  • Amount of correction required
  • The technique being used for surgery
  • Clinic fee
  • Post-surgery care and medication fee
  • Anesthesia fee
  • The complexity of treatment.
  • Reviews of doctor and clinic.

Consult with an experienced surgeon to get an exact cost estimate according to your nose structure.

What is Nose Surgery?

The aesthetic term used for Nose Surgery in Islamabad is rhinoplasty. It is a surgical procedure used to perform alteration on the shape and size of the nose particularly. It can change the angle of the nose and fix it according to your face level. There are some structural problems connected with the nose like chronic blocking and Breathing issues that can be solved using this process.

Importance of Nose Surgery:

The nose is an important part of a face and is responsible for the overall appearance. With modern advancements in aesthetic surgeries, one can reshape the nose of his desire that enhances the overall appearance of the face.

Good Candidates:

You’re a good candidate for Nose surgery if

  • Age is above 20
  • All the nose features have taken their permanent shape
  • The tip of the nose is drooping
  • Some Deformity appears on the nose due to previously failed surgery
  • Nostrils are too wide
  • The nose is too big for your face
  • Unattractive nose.
  • Visible Nasal Hump

Nose Surgery Types:

Nose surgery/ Rhinoplasty can be performed using two methods

  1. Closed: Incisions are placed inside the nose so that it cannot be seen from outside,
  2. Open: Incision is done inside the nostril to access internal access of the nose for surgery.

Primary VS Secondary Surgery prices:

The ultimate goal of both primary and secondary rhinoplasty is to enhance the features, appearance, and functionality of the nose. The goal of every patient is different when undergoing surgery. Patients opt Primary type when they want a balanced shape of their nose or to improve their breathing.

Conversely, those who seek secondary, want to improve deformities that occurred during the first surgery may be due to mishandling by a surgeon or some unpredictable tissue healing. And results appeared undesirable.

Therefore, Secondary surgery of the nose is a little more expensive than primary as it requires a vast knowledge of a surgeon to tackle a problem right from the root and proper and delicate handling since little negligence results in long-lasting consequences.


  • Reduce breathing problem
  • Creates balance between facial features
  • Reduce nasal tip
  • Enhance overall facial aesthetic
  • Adjust nose angle accurately
  • Corrects crooked nose.

Average Prices:

According to different observations, nose surgery price in Pakistan is in the range between 150,000 PKR and 250,000 PKR depending on the reputation and skill of a surgeon.

Does Insurance Pay for Treatment?

It all depends on the insurance policy you have been provided. Some clinics may help you to get written permission from your insurance company but issuance is not guaranteed. Sometimes insurance companies pay for Surgery only and do not cover another cost.

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