Many people are looking to get a head full of hair. Their dream is to get beautiful and luxurious hair which is now possible with a hair transplant. There are different reasons for hair loss in men and women. A hair transplant is best for you if the hair loss is disturbing you mentally. But before undergoing a hair transplant, it is necessary to ask certain questions to the surgeon. Learn more about the questions to ask the surgeon after a hair transplant.

Reasons For Hair Fall:

Hair falls can occur at any age and any gender. There is a variety of reasons for hair fall. Some of them are as follows:

  • Age
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Genetics
  • Hair Styling
  • Radiotherapy
  • Too much anxiety or depression
  • Lack of Nutrients

Choosing The Best Surgeon For A Hair Transplant:

The first and very important thing is where to get a hair transplant. Choosing the best surgeon for hair transplantation is critical to avoid side effects. During the initial consultation, it is necessary to ask the doctor about his skills and experience. You should get a hair transplant from a professional surgeon. At SKN Cosmetics Surgery In Islamabad, we have the best-experienced surgeons performing hair transplants for many years.

Questions You Should Ask The Surgeon After A Hair Transplant:

Following are some questions you need to ask a surgeon after a hair transplant.

How To Take Care of The Hair After Hair Transplant?

Taking care of your hair after a hair transplant in Islamabad, you should not touch your treatment area unnecessarily as it can cause swelling and pain. For the first five days, take a rest to ensure proper healing. Avoid scratching your scalp as it can cause bleeding. Touch your head gently for the first few days.

What happens to exist hair after a hair transplant?

The existing hair may fall out after the shock of the surgery. It is not necessary that it will destroy hair follicles. After a hair transplant, the treatment area may become stressed and will shed hair prematurely.

When To Wash Hair After Hair Transplantation?

You should wash your hair after 24 hours of the transplant surgery. You should use mild shampoo for washing your hair. You should follow the instructions for washing your hair given by the surgeon. Be gentle with your hair after transplantation.

Things To Avoid After A Hair Transplant?

After the hair transplant, You should avoid the following things:

  • Do not go in the direct sunlight
  • Avoid washing your hair
  • Do not scratch your head
  • Avoid wearing a hat for two days after the treatment procedure
  • Do not sleep on your tummy
  • You should not scrub your hair
  • Do not do strenuous exercise for one week
  • Avoid unnecessary touching on the scalp

Are The Results of Hair Transplants permanent?

The results of hair transplants are long-lasting and permanent, as the success rate of hair transplants is 98 percent. Many people are opting for hair transplant surgery due to its promising results.

How Long Will It Take to Recover After a Hair transplant?

The time for recovery is different for everyone as it depends upon the healing power of the person. Some people can recover in a month if they follow all the instructions of the doctor and go for follow-up appointments. You will feel pain and numbness in the treatment area, which will fade away in time. To minimize the pain in the treatment area, use painkillers. During recovery, do not do vigorous exercise as it can interfere with the healing process. You will start seeing the growth of new hair after a few months.

All Summed Up!

We have expert and skilled surgeons at SKN cosmetic that are performing hair transplant surgery for many years. If you are interested in hair restoration, go for hair transplant surgery in Islamabad. It will boost your confidence and help you become a better version of yourself. Book an appointment now to get treated by the best surgeons.