Rhinoplasty For Deviated Septum in Islamabad Pakistan

Most of the nose-job performed by surgeons are for cosmetic purposes. Even a deviated septum is mainly only fixed because some people don’t like having a crooked nose. However, it has health implications as well. A nasal deviation can cause a person to have problems breathing correctly and make them feel like they are constantly suffering from a cold. This problem can easily be fixed by undergoing a quick operation that involves straightening the nasal partition. People who suffer from this condition in Pakistan can easily get a Rhinoplasty for a deviated septum in Islamabad.

What is a deviated septum?

The thin wall that separates the nasal cavity is known as the septum, and not everyone has a straight septum wall. However, some people suffer from a nasal septum that is crooked, causing one nostril to be smaller than the other. This condition is commonly known as a deviated septum and can sometimes cause the nose to have a crooked appearance. Nasal deviation cannot cause any serious harm. However, there are few cases where the partition blocks the nostril, requiring immediate surgery.

What causes this nasal deviation?

There are only two main reasons why one would have this condition.

  1. The first and most common reason for having a crooked septum is that an individual is born like that. 80% of the individuals have either inherited it from their family or just had it since birth.
  2. Blunt force trauma to the nose can damage the partition and result in a deviated nasal division. Most individuals in the sports field suffer from this condition.
  3. Lastly, aged individuals can also develop this condition. With age, the partition in the nose starts to deviate to one side.

Can surgery fix this condition?

A quick operation can fix this condition and help people breathe properly. In the last few decades, people had to travel abroad to get surgery for their nasal deviation. Luckily, the availability of Rhinoplasty For Deviated Septum in Islamabad can save Pakistanis a trip abroad.

A rhinoplasty nose surgery fixes the outer shape of the nose, while a septoplasty fixes the inner cartilage of the nose. Septorhinoplastic surgery combines the two procedures and is the easiest way to improve this condition. Although most people don’t opt for the surgery, there are some cases where people experience a dry nose leading to bleeding and cracks.

The procedure only lasts about 90 minutes to three hours, depending on how complex the nose’s condition is. The doctor will give the patient general sedatives and make an incision on the side of the nose with the blocked nostril. Next, the mucous membrane is lifted, and the septum is straightened out. Any extra bone tissue is also removed, and the mucous membrane is repositioned as the last step. The surgeon will perform a minor rhinoplasty to fix the outer shape of the nose as well.

Pre-Op Care:

Firstly the doctor will ask you to discontinue the consumption of specific medication and blood thinners as it can lead to excessive bleeding during the operation.

Since several people get nauseated during the operation due to the anesthesia,

You should also avoid eating or drinking the night before the surgery. Doing this will prevent you from choking or even vomiting during the surgery. It would help if you also had a family member standing by to drive you home after the surgery.

Post-op Care:

You should avoid doing any hard labor as it can increase your blood pressure and lead to bleeding. The doctor will prescribe pain medication to help with the swelling and pain and pack the nose with cotton to get the bleeding under control.

It usually takes about three weeks for the swelling to go down and the nose to heal, but it’s best to avoid any straining work for a month.

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