The Rise of Non-Surgical Weight Loss Treatments

Non-surgical weight loss treatments in Islamabad are mounting. Losing weight has become a goal of many individuals and largely people are preferring non-surgical weight loss treatments because of their non-invasive nature, limited risks and effectiveness. Today’s lifestyle and the nature of jobs have altered the habits of people, making them overweight as they do not get time to keep themselves fit and slim.  

Endless weight loss treatments are available. Amidst the bulk of available options, non-surgical weight loss treatments in Islamabad have become quite popular such as body contouring techniques and personalized diet plans, etc. Not only are these procedures non-invasive but also deliver aspired results. 

Non-Surgical Weight Loss Treatments in Islamabad:

Several non-surgical weight loss treatments are being practiced in the locality. Let’s find out the most common ones.

Nutrition and Personalized Diet Plans:

Diet plans are designed based on an individual’s specific needs and preferences. These are basically meat plans that nutrition experts develop. Whether a person wants to gain weight or aims to lose weight, a balanced diet based on the right amount of macro and micronutrients can help you achieve your specific weight objectives. Some plans include the Keto diet, The Mediterranean diet, protein control, etc. These diets are mainly used to lose excessive weight. 

Non-Invasive Body Contouring :

In this weight loss technique, advanced technologies and procedures are used. Techniques like freezing, radiofrequency, laser, or ultrasound are utilized to eliminate fat deposits. The CoolSculpting procedure involves crystalizing the excessive fat cells by freezing and then these crystals are removed from the body. In another procedure, ultrasound waves are used to disrupt and destroy fat cells, making the body remove them naturally. Notably, these fat-loss procedures do not cause any harm to neighboring areas as they only target selective fat cells. 

Intragastric Balloon for Weight Loss:

If you are struggling to lose weight, tired of obesity and have tired of using other methods such as exercise or a specific diet then this procedure can work for you. An intragastric balloon is placed inside the stomach via an endoscopic outpatient procedure. This balloon covers the space in the stomach and makes an individual feel full quickly and thus this way it lets the man eat less. It can be placed for a few months to promote the feeling of fullness. As you take fewer calories, you lose weight eventually. 

The Use of Prescribed Medicine:

Normally people get their desired results through proper exercise and adopting a specified diet plan. Some still could not achieve their weight loss objectives and struggled with their weight. Based on your specific condition and objectives, the doctor can also prescribe medicines. Some medicines limit your appetite and create a feeling of fullness. These help you reduce your meal consumption or control your diet. Phentermine is a medicine that is used to create a feeling of fullness. Other medicines reduce the fat absorption process of the body. For example, Orlistat is a medicine used to reduce fat absorption as it reduces the breakdown of dietary fats.  

Why Prefer Non-Surgical Weight Loss Treatment in Islamabad:

While you might get faster results through surgical procedures but non-surgical methods are more productive and are deemed sustainable. They promote healthy habits and overall wellness. Furthermore, the risk factor is minimal in these procedures and also they improve body contouring. 

  • Non-surgical methods have minimal recovery time as they are non-invasive, so, the downtime is limited and an individual can resume his daily activities in a short time. 

Very few or minor complications can be traced down to non-surgical methods in comparison to surgeries that can cause huge risks. 

  • Unlike surgical methods, several non-invasive methods target specific fat deposits, causing no danger to other neighboring areas. 
  • These methods are comfortable and painless. These techniques help you achieve your weight loss objectives without putting yourself in constant discomfort and pain. 
  • Non-surgical weight loss treatments in Islamabad improve your confidence and self-esteem as they make you control your desires, mold your behavior or make you fit further. 

Associated Risks:

Considering the non-invasive nature of these weight loss processes, no significant risk can be traced. But they carry fewer yet mild risks that should not be overlooked altogether. For example, an individual may feel discomfort, swelling, redness, or allergies, or may not get satisfactory outcomes. These issues are temporary and could not lead to any hazardous situation. But make sure to consult an expert before following any of the above-mentioned factors.

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