Types of Penile Conditions and Diseases in Pakistan

Having a healthy reproductive system takes a lot of effort. But sometimes, our reproductive system is hit by diseases, and unfortunately, we find this topic too taboo to discuss it openly. Men find it exceptionally hard to discuss any problems they are facing. They will feel shamed and are not able to talk openly about their sexual health due to the stigma surrounding it in Pakistani households.

If you are suffering from any problems you are too shy to talk about, this is the blog for you. There are several Types of Penile Conditions and Diseases in Pakistan. With advancements in medicine, almost all of them are curable!

What Are Penile Disorders?

These disorders or diseases target the male copulatory organ, and it is not always the case that they are sexually transmitted diseases. There are only a few diseases that are sexually transmitted in men, whereas the rest are disorders that are caused by various factors. These factors can be irregular cell growth, anxiety, or your diet too.

Types of Penile Conditions and Diseases in Pakistan:


This disorder causes the penis to have a painful erection that does not go away even after an orgasm. It is caused due to blood flow to the copulatory organ but not from it. This blood flow is caused by harmful drugs, antidepressants, trauma, blood diseases, and Penile injection therapy. Treatments involve:

  • Using needles.
  • Performing surgery, and in mild cases.
  • Using medication to drain the blood.

Peyronie’s Disease:

This disease causes scar tissue to develop in any area of the male reproductive organ. IT usually starts as swelling or irritation in a small area and develops into a hard scar. This disease causes the person to have painful and limp erections, a shortened penis, and emotional instability.

This disease cannot be labeled a disease as it is caused by injury, and Treatment is only needed in the case of penetrative intercourse. Treatment involves surgically removing the hard scar tissue.

Erectile Dysfunction:

This is a disorder of the penis that makes it impossible for the man to have an erection. Erectile Dysfunction is caused due to trauma, drinking or smoking, mental stress, blood diseases, and diabetes. This condition can easily be fixed with medication and exercises.

Penile Cancer:

Lastly, this disease occurs when an abnormal amount of cells starts producing in the penis, turning into tumors. Doctors are not sure what exactly causes this rare type of cancer to occur; however, there are still some factors that can increase a man’s chances of developing it. Causes include smoking, old age, phimosis, sexually transmitted human papillomavirus, and Treatment for psoriasis.

Symptoms of this sort of cancer include irregular discharge and bleeding from the penis, growth on the sides of the top, and sores. Treatment for this disease includes medication and surgery. The surgery is performed to remove the cancerous bits from the penis. Other treatments for this disease include Radiation Therapy and Chemotherapy.

Are You suffering?

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