Understanding the Differences between Melasma and Hyperpigmentation

Maintaining flawless, blooming skin and an even-toned complexion is a desire of everyone. Everyone tries to keep a natural pigmentation-free skin tone that radiates a natural flow of beauty and confidence. In achieving desired skin tone, many people have to face skin discoloration issues that include but are not limited to hyperpigmentation and melasma. Melasma treatment in Islamabad gives you accurate diagnoses and individualized treatment procedures. Generally, the existing difference between these issues is neglected. This blog is an effort to highlight the differences between Melasma and Hyperpigmentation.

Let’s Understand What Hyperpigmentation Is!

When the word hyperpigmentation is split, it explains itself. Hyper means more and pigment means color. So, it refers to the dark patches of skin that occur for various reasons. It is a common skin condition that occurs due to the overproduction of melanin pigment, leading to the colorization or darkening of skin patches.  

Causes of Hyperpigmentation

Various factors can cause hyperpigmentation such as hormonal changes, exposure to the sun, numerous medications, skin inflammations, or genetic factors. The skin is prone to produce more melanin pigment when exposed to the sun, resulting in the creation of hyperpigmentation. Furthermore, certain sorts of pigments can form during pregnancy as they are gender-specific. Additionally, genetic patterns, the use of some antibiotics or chemotherapy drugs, or inflammation can become the reason for the formation of hyperpigmentation. 

Hyperpigmentation Treatment in Islamabad:

Several procedures are there to treat hyperpigmentation. Creams and lotions that contain skin-lightening ingredients can be used to treat this condition. Vitamin C, niacinamide and Azelaic acid used in these creams and lotions can hinder the production of melanin pigment and diminish the unwanted spots on the skin. Chemicals are also used to peel the outer layer of the skin, eliminating the darker spots. Laser treatment is also effective to eliminate excessive melanin cells. Light energy is directed towards targeted melanin that firstly breaks down melanin and secondly augments collagen production. 

Let’s Now Understand Melasma:

Measma is also a form of hyperpigmentation but it should not be mixed with hyperpigmentation. Notably, melasma is hyperpigmentation but not all hyperpigmentations are melasma. This condition mostly occurs in women and is usually caused by pregnancy or oral contraceptives. So, it is a skin condition that produces dark brown patches on parts of the skin such as the face, forehead, upper cheeks, etc. 

Causes of Melasma

The production of melanocyte-stimulating hormone (MSH) causes Melasma- the discoloration of the skin. A number of factors can ignite or stimulate the production of this hormone such as taking hormonal contraceptives, sun exposure, genetic history, stress, dehydration, obesity and heat, etc. 

Melasma Treatment in Islamabad:

The treatment of Melasma depends upon the specific causes. If it occurs because of hormonal birth control or pregnancy, it may disappear on its own without getting any treatment. Besides that, sunscreen and wearing protective clothing can also prove to be beneficial. Topical creams can also be used to recover the original skin color. Furthermore, several medical procedures such as chemical peel, microdermabrasion, light therapy and laser treatment are also effective to cure this condition and achieve blooming skin color again. 

Here’s How To Find Out The Nuance Difference

Sometimes, it can be quite difficult to uncover the exact condition and it is crucial to track down the exact condition to treat it and get the optimum results. A person facing this condition can hardly get a clue. So, it is better to consult with an expert or dermatologist. The medical history of an individual can lead to locating the exact issue. If a person is on medication or therapies, then in that case, it will be Melasma but if it occurs because of sunbathing then it will likely be hyperpigmentation. Furthermore, dermatologists can also identify the exact condition through the patterns of patches as research identifies that Melasma usually appears as broad patches while Hyperpigmentation appears as focused. 

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