What are the different types of vaginoplasty

Hello everyone! Today, we’ll talk about a crucial topic that is frequently ignored and misunderstood. We’ll talk about the different kinds of vaginoplasty. Vaginoplasty is a type of cosmetic surgery that involves tightening or reconstructing the vaginal canal, as you probably already know. Women frequently request this procedure. This is popular in childbearing females, the elderly, or those having medical conditions that cause their vaginal muscles too weak. There are different vaginoplasty techniques, and each has unique benefits and risks. Let’s look more closely at what are the different types of vaginoplasty

Ideal Candidates For Vaginoplasty:

The surgical procedure creates a vagina for people who are male at birth but identify as female. Gender confirmation surgery or gender reassignment surgery are other names for this procedure. Despite the fact that each person is unique, there are some traits that might make someone a good candidate for vaginoplasty.

  • Gender Dysphoria
  • Psychological and Physical Health
  • Age
  • Hormone Therapy
  • Realistic Expectations
  • Social Support

Types of Vaginoplasty:

There are the following different types of vaginoplasty that our surgeons perform at SKN Cosmetics Islamabad.

Traditional Vaginoplasty:

The most typical kind of vaginoplasty is this one. Incisions are made in the vaginal tissue, and the muscles and supporting tissues are then tightened. As usually done under general anaesthesia, the procedure necessitates several weeks of recuperation.

Laser Vaginoplasty:

We use a laser to make incisions in the vaginal tissue using a laser in this kind of vaginoplasty. So, a more controlled and precise procedure is achieved by precisely targeting and tightening the vaginal muscles using the laser. Hence, compared to traditional vaginoplasty, laser vaginoplasty requires less time for recovery.

Radiofrequency Vaginoplasty:

This kind of vaginoplasty heats the vaginal tissue and tightens the muscles using radiofrequency energy. So, the procedure is hardly invasive and leaves little room for recovery. It is a well-liked alternative for females who want to stay away from the dangers and lengthy recovery periods related to conventional or laser vaginoplasty.


In this different kind of cosmetic surgery, there is the rebuilding of the hymen. The hymen is a thin membrane that partially conceals the vaginal opening. So, women who want to regain their virginity or for cultural or religious reasons frequently seek out hymenoplasty.

Vaginoplasty Scars:

After a vaginoplasty, some external scars might appear. Hence, by choosing highly skilled surgeons who can make precise incisions, they can be further reduced. So, highly skilled surgeons at SKN Cosmetics Islamabad have a track record of providing the best results with the fewest scars following surgery.

Cost of Vaginoplasty in Islamabad:

The cost of Vaginoplasty in Islamabad may vary. The price of vaginoplasty can differ significantly depending on different factors like:

  • The surgeon’s experience
  • The location of the surgical facility
  • The complexity of the procedure.
  • The length of the hospital stay, anaesthesia costs, and any related medical tests or evaluations are additional variables that could impact the price.

Depending on the aforementioned factors, the vaginoplasty cost in Islamabad starts from PKR 120,000 at SKN Cosmetics Islamabad. Additionally, the location and the surgeon will both have an impact on the actual price. Insurance coverage will also impact the price.

At What Age, a Person Should Get Vaginoplasty?

Depending on the individual’s unique circumstances, the right age for vaginoplasty, also known as gender confirmation surgery or gender reassignment surgery, can change. Generally speaking, the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) Standards of Care advise patients to wait until they have been on hormone therapy for a specific amount of time before having genital surgery until they are at least 18 years old.

However, if they meet certain requirements and have the support of their parents or legal guardians, some people might be eligible for the procedure at a younger age.

Choose a Licensed Medical Practioner For Vaginoplasty:

So, it is significant to remember that each woman has a unique body, and the type of vaginoplasty that works for one woman might not work for another. For this reason, it’s crucial to consult with a licensed and skilled cosmetic surgeon who can guide you in selecting the best course of action for your requirements.

Choose SKN Cosmetics Islamabad For Vaginoplasty:

We at SKN Cosmetics Islamabad recognize the value of individualized care and consideration. Our dedicated staff is giving our patients the best possible care while utilizing the most recent methods and tools. Our group of accomplished cosmetic surgeons is assisting women in getting the outcomes they want.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you are thinking about having a vaginoplasty or if you have any questions about the various types of vaginoplasty. We are here to provide you with guidance and information so that you can make an informed choice. We appreciate your reading and look forward to your feedback.