What Causes Erectile Dysfunction in Islamabad

There are a lot of problems that every person is experiencing and one of the rising problems especially in men is ED. Some candidates know the problem and many of them are still unaware of the causes of such problems. However, if you are the one who really needs to know about it then speak to your expert practitioner, they will guide you with helpful information.

In this blog post, we are going to discuss about What Causes Erectile Dysfunction? To know more about its symptoms and treatment, keep reading!

An Overview:

According to SKN cosmetics Experts, Erectile dysfunction – it is a problem of the inability of getting an erection for sexual activities in men. It doesn’t happen from time to time but if someone is experiencing this continuously then a person may fall into depression, stress and lose self-confidence. The biggest affect to such people who have ED problems is having issues in their relationship.

However, such erection problems need to be treated on time because they are affecting badly the quality of life. Better to talk with your expert one who guides you with helpful information as well as recommend you a suitable treatment option according to your condition and concern.

Symptoms of ED:

There are several symptoms of this problem but the common are mentioned below:

  • To have difficulty of obtaining an erection.
  • Hard to keep or maintain an erection.
  • The Sexual drive is lowered.
  • To feel miserable, guilt or embarrassed.

What Are The Causes?

Generally, different candidates have different causes of having trouble in an erection. Some common physical and emotional causes are mentioned below:

  • To have a heart problem.
  • Obesity – overweight issues.
  • Having stroke.
  • Depression & anxiety.
  • If your cholesterol is getting high.
  • Due to Kidney problems.
  • To be nervous about sexual activity.
  • Disorder sleeping issue.
  • Problems in a Relationship.

These are the main causes that can lead any man to erection problems. If you are experiencing one of them then visit our clinic and talk to the experts about your problem.

Treatments For ED:

At SKN cosmetics, there are surgical and non-surgical effective and result providing treatments for solving such ED issues. The expert practitioner will recommend you a suitable treatment option after examining g your health condition. The common treatments are mentioned below:

  • With Medication: 

After reviewing the condition of the candidate, non-invasive treatments are recommended for those who don’t have serious problems with erection. However, this problem can be sorted out with specific medication. Sometimes, injectable treatments are also performed for fixing the erection issues. However, do not use any medication without speaking to your expert practitioner.

  • Surgical Option:

For getting a permanent solution, there is a surgical option for solving the problem of erectile dysfunction treatment as the practitioner may recommend you a vacuum method that is used to pump the penis enlargement for getting an erection. It helps to flow the blood into the penis. On the other side, the implants are also used to place into the penis. It is a surgery that can be performed according to the condition and suitability of the candidate.

The procedure will be performed at our clinic and under anesthesia. After the treatment, the results will be effective and satisfying. If the surgeon recommended you non-surgical treatment then it may require multiple sessions for solving the erection problems.

All Summed Up!

Therefore, there are several treatment options for solving the issues of erection and still if you don’t know or are aware that What Causes Erectile Dysfunction? Then it is time to speak with our expert surgeons/practitioners who will examine your condition and recommend you a suitable treatment option. We are eager to see you!