What If You Start the Gaining Weight Again After Having Liposuction

Obesity is becoming a major problem in this day and age. People are unable to lose weight due to their busy schedules and unhealthy diets. Even if they manage to lose weight, there is stubborn fat that does not go away. Then what is the solution? How to get rid of localized fat deposits?

Liposuction is one of the best solutions for this stubborn fat as it can remove it with ease and allows a leaner look. Many people tend to regain weight and become fat once more after this treatment. So, a million-dollar question is, “what if you start gaining weight again after having liposuction?” Let’s learn more about this fat removal treatment and better understand how this weight gain can be avoided.

Understanding liposuction

Liposuction in Islamabad is a procedure that is used to remove fat from different parts of the body. It helps in lesser fat volume in the body. The procedure works with a cannula being inserted into the fat in a bid to melt it. The fat is then sucked out and collected into a chamber. Usually, up to five liters of fat can be removed. In the case of laser liposuction, a laser is used for fat felting purposes. The laser also helps in collagen production, which allows skin tightening and lesser sagging of skin in the treated areas.

What to expect after the treatment?

There is some swelling and soreness that can last for a while. Many people tend to gain weight in the initial phase after the treatment which is not unusual. However, it should not be a permanent problem and they should be able to lose weight after the first couple of months. If the weight stays there or goes up after two to three months of the treatment, you are not following the right routine and probably eating unhealthy too. You are strongly recommended to stick to your physician’s post-procedural instructions after liposuction in Islamabad.

Weight gain after liposuction

People do gain weight after liposuction treatment because they are unable to mend their ways. This can lead to the return of the fat which was previously removed. Many people have this problem. With proper care and following the instructions of your doctor, you can avoid this problem.

How to avoid weight gain after lipo?

Weight gain after the liposuction can be dealt with. Even better, it can be avoided in the first place. There are a few steps that need to be taken for this purpose. For starters, you need to remain active. Do not be a couch potato and take a walk for at least half an hour daily. Working out helps, so, try to work out at least three times a week. Avoid sitting around for too long. However, make sure you return to active routine only after your physician’s permission. Ensure that you get adequate sleep as well.

Dietary habits also need to change. Avoid foods that have loads of fat and carbohydrates. Try to eat more proteins than before. Smaller meals are useful as they keep a person feeling full and help avoid binge eating. Drinking lots of water can help as dehydration can be mistaken for hunger as well.

Keep these things in mind, act upon them and you should not gain weight after the treatment. Follow these tips and enjoy your trimmed body for a long time to come.

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