Why Correcting Your Bite is So Important

Most people avoid braces and other orthodontic treatments because they think they’re mostly for looks. Your teeth are just one component of a larger related system that includes not only your jaw joints and muscles but also your neck and body. As they say, the body is a unit, and a poor bite could unseemly affect other systems of the body. If your teeth are crowded or overlap, you may have frequent headaches.

Braces, plates, retainers, and other orthodontic procedures can enhance your bite. Correcting your bite with orthodontics can have long-term effects, including reducing tooth pain. So, is correcting bite really important? 

What is a Bite?

The medical term for misaligned upper and lower teeth and back morals is malocclusion. This malocclusion occurs occasionally. A bite that requires quick adjustment is when your lower teeth are only visible by a few millimetres or less and mostly hidden by your upper teeth.

People with deep bites have crooked or crowded teeth. If left untreated, it can cause severe mouth ulcers and sores, making eating and other oral activities unsightly and difficult.

  • Overbite occurs when upper teeth protrude more than lower teeth.
  • An underbite occurs when the lower teeth are closer together than the upper teeth.
  • Crossbite occurs when teeth are inside or on top of one other, like an overbite. This disorder causes one or more teeth to slant inward toward the cheeks or tongue instead of straight down.
  • Open bites occur when the upper and lower teeth do not touch while the mouth is closed.

Causes of Bad Bite:

Genes often cause painful bites. Genes affect the development of our mouths and jaws, including enamel formation, oral health issues, and biting. Even without a “malocclusion gene,” certain actions or conditions can cause a painful and uncomfortable bite.

The following variables can cause malocclusion or a bad bite:

  • Sucking one’s thumb regularly after five
  • Long-term pacifier or bottle feeding for the baby
  • Jaw injuries occur frequently.
  • Teeth oddly shaped
  • Your jaw cannot hold your teeth.
  • Loss of permanent teeth due to impact
  • Misaligned bites

How To Fix Bites?

These are some of the most common bite repair techniques.

Tooth Extraction:

When upper and lower jaw dimensions differ, tooth extraction is recommended. The teeth must be extracted to fix this. For patients with overbite or underbite, tooth extraction can avoid invasive jaw surgery. To realign your bite, your dentist may remove some posterior teeth or your two top bicuspids.

Dental Gadgets: 

Braces, retainers, tray aligners, and other dental equipment can alter your bite. Braces are wire-attached brackets that fit on your teeth. To realign your teeth, these braces gently press on them. 


You must wear the plastic and wire retainers for a long time each day. Unlike braces, retainers can be easily removed and reinserted.

Tray Aligners:

Tray aligners have detachable trays. These trays cover your teeth. Each tray is worn for 20 hours a day. These dental equipment can be customized to fit each patient’s mouth.

Fixing Teeth:

Your dentist may repair your rear teeth to correct an overbite. Implants and bonding can fix fractured and gapped teeth. Teeth restoration can straighten your bite and fix the root cause, preventing it from happening again.


Sometimes, your jaw bones align with your bite. If so, your dentist will recommend surgery. Bite correction surgery requires a full day in the hospital, is conducted under general anesthesia, and takes weeks to recover.

Why Correcting Your Bite is So Important?

When you straighten the position of your teeth, you can take care of them rightly and reduce the chance of having oral diseases. Correcting your bite will ensure even wearing and long-term preservation of your dental health. The correct bite position is usually when your teeth are aligned evenly when you are chewing. This lets the beaks perform more efficient chewing of food thus leading to a correct digestion.

How long will a better smile take?

You may be curious about how long you must wear braces or how many sessions you must attend before you may grin healthily. The most essential aspects are your misalignment kind and your orthodontist’s treatment. 

After six to two years of braces, your teeth may be in the right place. Even though Invisalign appliances let you eat and drink what you want and speed up treatment, you must wear them for the recommended duration to correct your alignment.

The Cost of Bite Correction in Islamabad:

The price range of bite correction in Islamabad starts from 150,000 PKR. The cost could be various, and some contributing factors are the amount of misalignment, the type of treatment and the orthodontist’s proficiency.

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