Why is laser tattoo removal the best option ?

Body arts are not a new thing and have been around for ages. During the different eras, the choices people have maintained in this regard have varied significantly. One constant, however, has been the tattoo. It is still very relevant and millions of people have tattoos and continue to get new ones.

However, at times, people come to regret their decision to have ink on the skin for a wide range of reasons. Tattoo Removal traditionally has been a problematic affair as the removal process itself takes a lot of time and can cause a lot of pain due to the highly invasive nature of the procedures used to remove the ink.

This has been changed with the arrival of Laser Tattoo Removal and now a person can easily get the Tattoo Removed with this latest and almost pain-free technology. It is the preferred choice around the globe. Much on the same lines, the treatment is much sought after here in the Islamabad as well.

Skincare facilities like SKN Cosmetics Clinic are offering the latest laser tattoo removal in Pakistan. Let’s learn more about the treatment and better understand that what makes this particular treatment the best of all options.

How does it work?

The treatment is started after the application of the cooling gel to ensure that the discomfort is removed from the treatment. Laser Tattoo Removal in Islamabad works on the principle of breaking down the pigmentation from the tattoo ink into smaller bits. As the ink breaks down, the natural immune system of the body can easily remove it.

The immune system does not accept the tattoo ink from day one and starts acting upon it to be removed. This is the reason that the sharpness of a tattoo reduces after a period of time. However, the tattoo is too big for the immune system to completely removed on its own and needs the help of the laser treatment.

Different colored inks need different settings for removal. The same setting cannot remove a multi-colored tattoo. The length of the session is based on the design and the color scheme as well as the size of the area being treated.

How many sessions are needed?

The treatment has to be repeated a few times in order to get the desired outcome. The exact number of sessions needed is dependent on a number of factors. The size and the colors in the tattoo, it’s the design and how well it has been made all have a say. The age of the tattoo too plays a part.

Once everything has been accounted for, your doctor can tell you exactly how many sessions will be needed by you. A gap of four to six weeks is given between sessions to ensure that the skin recovers well and does not get damaged by sessions that are performed too close to each other.

Side effects and downtime

The side effects are mostly limited to some soreness in the treated area along with swelling. Icepacks can help in soothing it. These should not last for more than a day or two. In rare cases, some bruising or discoloration of the skin can also take place. Expect photosensitivity to develop and prepare for it. Avoid the sun during peak hours and when you go out during the day, apply a broad spectrum sunscreen and wear a large hat. If the tattoo is on the body, wear full clothing to cover it.

There is usually no downtime after the treatment. If you can, take a couple of days off. Do so especially if you are getting the treatment for the first time. This will allow you to understand what to expect after future treatment sessions.

Why is it the best?

The answer is quite simple. It has little pain that can be countered with a cooling gel. It is noninvasive and does not have the severe side effects that are experienced with the other treatments. The risk of infection is almost absent. And best of all, the treatment offers the best result of all options. It is easily the finest laser tattoo removal in Islamabad or for that matter, all around the globe.