Broken Nose Surgery in Islamabad

Professional medical treatment is required in case your nose has become crooked or misshapen. Otherwise, it is alright to just apply ice over the nose in case of minor injury. Nasal fracture also called broken nose is a condition in which the bone of the nose is broken. To restore the normal shape of the nose, surgery is required often. The nose may break because of any reason i.e. because of any trauma, injury, or any reason. Any time you hit your nose, directly or indirectly, there is potential for a break to develop. Now SKN Cosmetics is offering the best services in Broken Nose Surgery in Islamabad.

Surgery to straighten the bones of a fractured nose and reshape it is known as “rhinoplasty.” When a deviated septum creates blockage or breathing problems, “septorhinoplasty” is broken nose surgery for the nose and septum.

Causes of Broken Nose:

Following are some of the common causes of a broken nose:

  • Sports involving physical contact
  • Fighting
  • Slips and falls, and traumatizing auto accidents.
  • Pain, bruising, and swelling around the nose and beneath the eyes are all warning signs of a broken nose.
  • You may also have trouble breathing and your nose may appear crooked.
  • Procedures to straighten your nose may be used as part of your treatment for a broken nose.
  • Nasal trauma

Numerous broken noses go untreated. There is a chance that you may have broken your nose if you have ever suffered damage to your nose. This may happen as a result of a direct collision with your nose. It is essential to tell your surgeon about any past nasal trauma.

Signs and Symptoms of Broken Nose:

Following are some of the symptoms of a broken nose:

  • Open Roof Deformity
  • Deviated Nose (Bridge)
  • Deviated Nose (Septum)
  • Saddle Nose

Other symptoms of a broken nose include:

  • Bleeding and/or bruising
  • Nasal airway obstruction
  • Nasal pain

Is Surgery Required to Fix a Broken Nose?

Your condition’s severity will determine the course of treatment. Simple fractures without displaced bones typically don’t need surgery. To straighten the nose and cartilage, however, more serious fractures frequently necessitate broken nose surgery.

Surgical Repair of a Broken Nose:

Fixing displacements and breaks your doctor may use several approaches:

Closed reduction – broken nose surgery

  • Your doctor might be able to manually realign the bones and cartilage in your nose using a nonsurgical treatment called closed reduction if the break has caused them to become dislocated.
  • Closed reduction should be performed no later than 14 days following the fracture for optimal results.
  • Your doctor will open your nostrils during this operation using a nasal speculum.
  • Your damaged bones and cartilage will be realigned and put back in their proper places with the use of specialized devices.

Open Reduction/Internal Fixation:

  • This kind of surgery is carried out after the initial eight days have passed since the damage was sustained.
  • The nasal bones must be rebroken by an operation called an osteotomy after 8 days, by which time the bones have already started to recover.
  • It is possible to return the nasal structure to its normal place by carefully breaking the nose.


  • The procedure to reduce a broken nose takes around 20 minutes and is typically finished in just one day.
  • After that, you might have to keep your nose in a plaster cast for seven to eight days.
  • For a further 6 to 10 weeks, contact sports are not allowed.
  • Swelling around your nose’s perimeter and on its bridge
  • Pain may prevail
  • Bleeding from the nose, either internally or externally
  • Breathing through your nose is challenging.
  • Bruising near either/both eyes
  • In six to twelve months following the simple reduction, Naveed Azhar may consider rhinoplasty if the final position of the nose is not desirable.

Does Health Insurance Cover Surgery for a Broken Nose?

In most cases, insurance will pay for a broken nose since it poses a serious risk to your health. If your quality of life has been negatively influenced by a broken nose due to breathing difficulties, this becomes especially crucial. In this case, your insurance company will cover your expenses.

Cost of Broken Nose Surgery:

The price of Broken Nose Surgery In Islamabad ranges from PKR 120,000 to PKR 300,000 on average. There are further other factors that affect the cost including:

  • The dermatologist’s training and experience.
  • Depending on the type of procedure used.
  • Follow-up meetings.
  • The cost of the anesthetic used.
  • The clinic’s location.
  • Instruments used in the treatment.

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