Getting a bigger bosom is something most girls want to feel confident in their own skin. And sometimes, it’s just to look more feminine. Sometimes women get this procedure done after getting most of their chest tissue cut off in order to fight cancer in the breasts. This enlargement process was recently only possible with surgery, and any other method was not that effective. But with today’s technology, it’s now possible to increase your bosom size through alternative methods! But Can Breasts Be Enlarged Without Surgery in Islamabad? Yes, they can be! It is totally possible to enhance your bosom size without getting surgery!

Can Breasts Be Enlarged Without Surgery in Islamabad

About a decade ago, it was impossible to get breast enhancement without getting it surgically done. But today, it is possible to get the bosom of your dreams without getting the surgery! Following are some of the non-invasive methods you can use to get a bigger chest:

Oral Medication and Supplements:

Pills containing phytoestrogens, which is a female growth hormone, are readily available on the market and help with the growth of your chest. This hormone is derived from various herbs and natural resources.

You can also get hormone supplements to help you grow out your chest size quicker as compared to taking any other medication. Hormone therapy is also assigned to women who have both male and female hormones in their bodies as an alternative to getting surgical implants.


Enlargement creams are also an excellent alternative to getting surgery. These creams contain estrogen and have to be applied to the chest as prescribed. This alternative is a slow process and can take up to three months before results are visible.


Another option to getting a more even bosom is to eat food rich in estrogen and other female hormones. This diet includes the consumption of seeds such as sunflower seeds, milk, various nuts, and seafood, etc. Although there is no solid evidence for these claims, most women have claimed that these foods have helped them get a bigger bust size.

Massages and Exercises:

Doing specific massages and exercises can also increase the size of your chest. You should keep in mind that these massages and exercises should be supervised by a professional otherwise, they can also have a negative outcome.

Botox and Fillers:

Getting this alternative is still less invasive than getting surgery, but it involves getting botox injections in the chest area. This is the only alternative that shows instant results.


Lastly, getting a breast pump is also an excellent alternative to getting your chest enlarged via surgery.

Why Get Breast Enhancement?

Most women opt to get this treatment because they do not feel satisfied or content with the way their chest looks. This is an entirely cosmetic procedure, and it is only carried out to help boost the patient’s confidence and enhance their overall appearance.

Other people who can get this treatment done include:

  • Women who have had gender reassignment
  • Women who have a flat chest
  • Individuals who have uneven breasts

How Much Do These Alternative Cost?

These non-invasive alternatives to getting surgery are pretty affordable as compared to getting implants. The only reason why people don’t opt for these methods is the long waiting periods. Otherwise, depending on what you pick, you can get your breasts enhanced without surgery within PKR_____.

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