Chemical Peels for Hyperpigmentation Fade Away Dark Spots

Chemical peel in Islamabad is a popular solution to remove hyperpigmentation. This condition is referred to the darkening of certain skin areas or the appearance of dark spots because of excessive melanin pigment. These dark spots enhance the feeling of self-consciousness and lower self-esteem and even can make an individual socially isolated. In this blog, we will deeply understand this phenomenon and how chemical peel is an effective treatment.

Everyone desires to have a radiant, flawless, clear and brighter skin complexion, but overproduction of melanin pigment produces dark spots and patches in our skin surface, resultantly making the skin unattractive and grotesque. To rejuvenate the glamour and an even tone of the skin, we have to remove these spots, dubbed as hyperpigmentation. Although there are several procedures but chemical peel in Islamabad is viewed as an effective treatment to get rid of these dark spots.

Causes of Hyperpigmentation:

We need to understand the causes of hyperpigmentation or dark spots to treat them effectively and prevent their further appearance.

  • Excessive sun exposure can stimulate the growth of melanin, creating dark spots
  • Hormonal changes during pregnancy and menopause can also cause the appearance of dark spots
  • Injuries or traumas can also produce hyperpigmentation
  • There might be some genetic factors that can cause hyperpigmentation

Chemical Peels in Islamabad:

A chemical peel is basically the use of a chemical solution to exfoliate the upper layer or infected site of the skin. The removal of the upper layer encourages or stimulates the growth of fresh skin cells, improving the skin texture and making the skin look brighter and more attractive.

Types of Chemical Peel:

There are three types of chemical peels. A practitioner can choose among them based on the requirement for treatment, and he may also combine all of them on this ground as well.

Superficial Peels

As clear from the name, this procedure is applied only on the outer layer of the skin. Alpha-hydroxy acids such as lactic or glycolic acid are used in the process. It only targets the outer layer of the skin and causes minimal harm to the skin.

Medium Depth Peels

To treat moderate types of hyperpigmentation, this procedure is employed. It is more effective than the superficial peel and involves using trichloroacetic acid.

Deep Peels

Among these, deep peels are a more intensive and invasive treatment. This method is applied to treat severe hyperpigmentation as it penetrates the internal layer of the skin, treating severe dark spots. Its recovery takes more time as it goes deeper into the skin.


Before the procedure, a skincare professional or dermatologist evaluates the patient’s skin, gets information about his history and asks about the specific objectives of the patient. The dermatologist decides on a suitable peeling treatment based on his initial assessment. In the meantime, the patient is asked to protect his skin from sun exposure and not use skin care products for optimal results. At the time of treatment, the skin care specialist washes your skin to remove debris or dirt from the skin, and following that, he applies a chemical solution on the infected site, and the solution remains for some time on the skin. After a specific time, he also removed the solution. For aftercare, he provides you with some ointments or creams, and after a few days, you get your results.

Benefits of Chemical Peel:

  • It is an effective procedure to fade away dark spots, making the skin smooth and flawless
  • The removal of the upper layer stimulates the production of new cells, rejuvenating the skin texture and colour
  • This treatment addresses numerous sorts of spots effectively
  • It is a customizable treatment, enabling everyone to get their desired treatment and results
  • Not only does it disappear dark spots from the skin, but it also improves the skin texture
  • Unlike other procedures, this dark spots removal technique is minimally invasive
  • An individual may lose confidence and experience a sense of isolation, but after undergoing this treatment, he can regain his confidence
  • Furthermore, the results of chemical peels in Islamabad are long-lasting because they utterly remove the skin’s upper layer.

Cost of Chemical Peel in Islamabad:

The cost of this treatment in Islamabad stretches from PKR to PKR. But there are several factors that influence its overall cost. For example, the type of chemical peel, area of the treated site, location and facilities available in the clinic, etc.

Final Remarks:

Chemical peel in Islamabad is an effective and acknowledged hyperpigmentation treatment. It removes dark spots from the skin, rejuvenates the glow of the skin and improves the skin texture and overall complexion. It is a customizable treatment and offers lasting results.

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