hair transplant medical tourism in Islamabad Pakistan

There is a phenomenon nowadays that hair fall is getting common in both males and females. People mostly prefer effective hair restoration for long-lasting. Some people prefer to visit other countries for effectiveness and at an affordable overall cost. A few years ago, our country Pakistan has become a destination for medical tourists seeking hair transplant operation.

More than thousands of people came for hair treatments every year. This article covers the information about Hair Transplant Medical Tourism in Islamabad, Pakistan. 

Hair Transplant Medical Tourism:

Generally, a lot of candidates make an effort to visit other countries where the hair procedures are effective in results and more affordable in cost. Islamabad Pakistan has become famous for hair restoration treatments and well-known among many professional hair transplant surgeons who boast up impressive reputations.

Almost every clinic in Islamabad offers basic services. According to SKN cosmetics, we offer services in a complete package like A candidate will be picked up from the airport and brought to his/her hotel by a private driver supplied by our clinic. If you already booked your hotel then it’s your choice but if not booked or have no idea then we booked your hotel room and you don’t have to worry about it. The transportation will be available on the day of treatment, our clinic handles that too.

Why Choose Islamabad, Pakistan?

According to SKN cosmetics, our clinic is well-known for its good reputation and experienced surgeons who performed many successful surgeries in Islamabad, Pakistan. We deliver effective and long-lasting results according to the desire of our candidate. We have advanced techniques and new machinery for performing such treatments. Making a satisfaction level with a candidate is our priority.

When you are considering hair transplant in Islamabad, highlight these helpful points for choosing the best clinic. These are:

  • Do your complete research.
  • Stay away from such competitions which makes you confused.
  • If you found beautiful marketing of any clinic, don’t trust them.
  • Beware from those practitioners who pass the work onto their junior staff.
  • Do read the online review for more information.

Treatment Options:

As you know, hair restoration treatments are getting common around the globe and there are many advanced techniques and methods which are performed at our clinic. According to the problem of our patient, we examine the condition first and suggest the best method for the candidate.

In hair transplantation, it is a procedure of an extracting hair unit and this type of procedures are very sensitive to perform for practitioner where he/she makes little incisions at the treated area and takes hair from the backside of the head and insert them into small incisions. When it completed, it results in the new growth of hair. There are many other treatments performed for hair restoration:

  • FUE, FUT hair transplant
  • Hair replacement surgery
  • PRP injections
  • Laser light therapy

These all are effective and as result, the candidate will obtain changed and complete look in his/her personality.

The Benefits of Medical Tourism:

There is a lot of advantages to having a Hair Transplant Medical Tourism in Islamabad, Pakistan. According to SKN cosmetics, considering hair treatment will give you several benefits which are as follow:

  • Online consultation.
  • The complete treatment services like transportation etc.
  • Pre care and post-care instructions.
  • Improves hair volume.
  • Boosts up self-confidence.
  • Long-lasting outcomes.
  • Environment and atmosphere relaxation.
  • Lessen and reasonable cost.

The Results:

There will be effective and miraculous outcomes you will obtain after the treatment. The results may differ from person to person and different methods of hair restoration deliver different outcomes. We provide long-lasting results which will be desirable for our candidates. After 5 to 6 months, you will obtain complete results, also depends on how you take care of yourself. Before and after photos may be taken for showing satisfaction.

Causes of Hair Fall:

Due to a lot of changes in the human body, the hair fall occurs according to such causes which are:

  • Genetics problem.
  • Hormonal imbalances.
  • Due to stress and depression.
  • Any other disease.
  • Due to alopecia.
  • The side effects of medication.

Let’s Sum it Up!

Your journey will be amazing if you consider hair treatment in Islamabad, Pakistan. Our service and atmosphere of our city will be memorable for you. Do your research about the clinic and speak directly to our team by video call. We will help you out!


If you want to consider hair treatment for effective results and affordable cost, feel free to consult SKN cosmetics for Hair transplant Medical Tourism in Islamabad Pakistan. We are looking forward to you!