How Long Does Laser Tattoo Removal in Islamabad Take?

Many people get tattoos to look better. However, it may appear weird and must be removed. Are you dissatisfied with your tattoo? There’s a smart way to remove it. Laser therapy reduces unwanted tattoos without pain.

But this blog post will teach you about laser tattoo removal, including its benefits, outcomes, and prices. Continue reading!

Treatment for laser tattoo removal:

Laser therapy is used for several purposes, but tattoo removal is one of the hardest. It will remove an unwanted and wrong tattoo image, giving you clear skin for a fresh tattoo or smooth skin. It usually takes 6-10 sessions.

Only a few tattoo colors are easy to remove, however strong pigmentation tattoos require numerous sessions. Laser therapy lightens pigmentation that is not visible to the naked eye, thus it does not eliminate it.

Prepare for the procedure: 

Removing artwork is challenging, but if it’s bad, keeping it on your skin is unnecessary. Deleting artwork relaxes you and restores your confidence, which is its biggest advantage.

Although there are a few things to do before this operation, you should adjust some of your everyday habits to speed up healing. Include these:

  • Healthy eating boosts the immune system and speeds healing.
  • Avoid shaving to avoid rashes and irritation.
  • Avoid intense exercise since perspiration might promote swelling or discomfort.
  • Stop taking blood-thinning drugs.
  • Your best move is to quit smoking and drinking.

How does it work?

SKN Cosmetics says the practitioner will move the laser beam over the tattooed skin to finish. High-intensity light breaks pigment color. The tattoo will lighten, requiring more sessions to hide. The second laser treatment will be five to eight weeks after the first to achieve amazing results.

To avoid side effects following laser therapy, follow the aftercare instructions. Blood thinners slow recovery, so avoid them, keep the area clean and dry, and avoid bright sunlight.

Expectations from results:

Laser tattoo removal yields excellent and delightful results after each session. Results vary by tattoo pigmentation and session requirements. Thus, you will achieve long-lasting and quick impacts. Choosing experienced, expert practitioners who will work accurately and flawlessly is crucial. Additionally, you must properly care for the treated region or the condition will worsen.

Aftercare precautions:

After your treatment, you must avoid damaging the healing region. They are described below:

Maintain a clean, dry environment: Laser tattoo removal requires clean, dry skin before the process. You should still wash that region, but use a towel and water to wipe the skin and gently avoid powerful soaps and cleansers.

Avoid bubble baths: Long-term tub soaks may bloat treated skin, suggesting that water may enter the treated area and cause infections.

Stay out of direct sunlight. To avoid major blisters, avoid going in the sun without sunscreen. Avoid tanning beds and the sun for at least three days after treatment.


Laser treatments offer many benefits to those who choose them. As another note, the therapies have some side effects that are easy to avoid if you follow the instructions. Here are the pros:


  • There’s no discomfort.
  • Please deliver success.
  • A cheap treatment.
  • None of the adjacent tissues will be harmed.
  • High-quality laser methods.
  • Without major side effects.
  • Quality of life should improve.
  • Skin reddening and itching are drawbacks.

How Long Does Laser Tattoo Removal in Islamabad Take?

The laser will completely remove the tattoo in six to eight sessions. Less traumatic and with less significant side effects than with conventional techniques. Instantaneous, durable, and permanent outcomes. Fast healing and absence of negative effects.

A good candidate for this treatment:

Laser tattoo removal is best for someone with realistic expectations. Users must be healthy and free of skin problems and infections. Lasers can remove tattoos on anyone. However, darker skin may require further measures to prevent hyperpigmentation or hypopigmentation.

Laser tattoo removal Cost in Islamabad:

The cost of laser tattoo removal in Islamabad is starts from 6,000 PKR to 30,000 PKR per session The expert practitioner’s fee can also affect the total cost.

  • Medical facility location.
  • When it comes to clinic reputation.
  • Total sessions.
  • Tattoo size and body area.
  • If anesthesia is needed.
  • Unincluded fees.
  • If you have any questions about costs, please contact us or visit our clinic.

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Laser tattoo removal is safe and effective and offers long-lasting results without major side effects. The tattoo removal process will take 30–40 minutes, depending on its size. SKN Cosmetics can also remove unwanted tattoos with satisfaction.