Laser Tattoo Removal on Legs in Islamabad

Everyone makes mistakes. Usually, we forget about them with time, but a tattoo is one mistake that cannot be forgotten that easily. Be it an old lover’s name, a symbol you no longer want to remember, or just a badly drawn image with bleeding colors, and some tattoos just need to go. Luckily, SKN Cosmetics offers Laser Tattoo Removal on Legs in Islamabad; an easy and permanent solution to your permanent problem.

How can a tattoo be erased using laser treatment?

Numerous methods are used to erase a person’s tattoo from their skin. However, laser removal is the number one method for this procedure. Not only is it practical, but it does not yield any significant side effects. With the availability of new technology in the Capital, the removal of tattoos has gotten pretty pocket-friendly and trendy among the masses.

Sessions needed to remove the tattoo:

Tattoo erasure can take up to three or more sessions for the ink to fully disperse and flush out. It is essential to let the skin heal in between the sessions for about two months. During this time, the body will remove all toxic ink particles from the body. The number of times it can take to remove a tattoo depends on several factors. Laser Tattoo Removal sessions also depend on the type of ink used and how big the art piece is. Other factors include:


Tattoo ink colors play a significant part in how easily the design can be wiped away via laser treatments. Darker shades take significantly lesser sessions to be removed, while lighter shades are a bit more challenging to remove. This is due to light pigments amplifying the laser, while dark pigments absorb it, making it easier to remove artwork that is only in black ink. However, it is rather time-consuming to remove yellow or purple ink, and these pigments require numerous sessions.


Body parts where more blood circulates are the easiest areas to remove tattoos from. Due to this, the further your tattoo is located from the heart, the more challenging it will be to remove it via laser. Erasing the color from your trunk will be easier, but removing it from your legs will be rather tricky and require several sessions. Les sessions will require you to attend about 10 to 15 sessions. These sessions vary on where on the leg the design is located and also depend on where you get the sessions from.


Despite being permanent, even tattoo colors start to fade as time passes. The longer you’ve had the artwork on your lower limb, the easier it will be to disperse it. The process of removing the art is not instant, and depending on your tattoo, it might take between 10 to 15 sessions. If the design requires about eight sessions, it will take almost one year to disappear for good.


 Laser Tattoo Removal on Legs in Islamabad is carried out using two different types of laser equipment. The removing sessions vary, and depend on the type of machinery used:

Q-Switched Laser releases a powerful energy pulse and is the ideal choice for erasing a tattoo. Q-Switched ND YAG Lasers are required for darker skin tones to avoid altering the patient’s skin color. This laser is recommended for leg artwork for remarkable results

Picosecond lasers are used to remove tattoos but if used on the lower limbs, it will take several more sessions than expected.

How painful is this technique?

Pain tolerance differs among people. Our team of professionals is dedicated to ensuring that this method is as painless as possible. It is normal to feel uncomfortable when the artwork is present on the lower limbs or feet due to numerous nerve endings present there. After the procedure, you should avoid activities such as standing or walking for about one day. This will help the treated area heal faster since blood circulation in these areas is not so strong.

Are there any harmful side effects of this technique?

The removal process is harmless, and there are no severe side effects to it. It would be best if you only got your laser removal done by experienced professionals to get the best results with minimal side effects. Following are some of the things to discuss with your technician before getting an appointment:

 1) Altered Skin Pigments

Skin tones are only altered for people with darker skin tones and only last three to four weeks. The skin tone returns to normal quickly if the person has a robust immune system.

 2) Sensitive Skin

After the laser session, you might experience some redness and sensitive skin. The treated skin also swells up, causing it to bruise and blister. Like hyperpigmentation, this side effect also heals naturally with time. It is crucial to follow the after-treatment instructions to ensure the treated area does not become infected. The scars and blisters should not be picked at all since that will lead to a permanent scar

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