Laser treatment for open pores

Open or enlarged pores appear when dead skin cells, sebum- an oil and dirt clogged in pores. Improper skin care, sun damage, inflammatory skin conditions and the ageing factor can make pores more visible and lead to open pores. The visibility of these pores is deemed aesthetically displeasing, and it also diminishes the charm and brightness of the skin. Laser treatment in Islamabad is an effective strategy to deal with this skin problem. 

The use of lasers is quite beneficial as it reduces the visibility of these pores and improves skin texture. You may be wondering what the cost of this procedure is! We are going to discuss about Laser treatment for open pores cost in Pakistan.

Laser Treatment For Open Pores:

Laser skin rejuvenation procedure utilises concentrated beams of light to address skin blemishes and brighten the appearance of the skin. To apply laser therapy in order to deal with enlarged pores, a practitioner removes makeup or dirt from the skin and applies laser precisely to achieve targeted results. Laser therapy improves skin texture and elasticity and reduces the appearance of these enlarged pores.

Top Benefits Of This Treatment:

  • This is a minimally invasive procedure that does not cause any harm or injury to the skin while reducing the appearance of enlarged pores
  • Effectively deals with skin blemishes such as large pores and improves skin texture and overall look
  • This procedure offers quick results while the downtime of this pore treatment is quite minimal
  • Laser therapy is a customised procedure that allows people to meet their specific cosmetic objectives
  • Not only does it reduce the visibility of these pores, but this procedure also stimulates collagen production, adds to the elasticity and brightness of the skin

What is the Laser treatment for open pores cost in Pakistan?

The cost of open pores varies from individual to individual. There are a few cost-determining factors that regulate the overall price of this skin rejuvenation procedure.

The following are a few cost-determining factors!

The extent of the treatment

The demand and need of every patient is unique. The magnitude of this problem varies from person to person, and that also changes the requirements and needs. If a person requires extensive treatment, he may require a more complex procedure, and the cost of the procedure will go up in comparison to the person who needs minimal treatment.

Number of sessions

You may not get your desired results after getting one session of this pore-removal technique. So, your dermatologist will recommend a specific number of sessions based on the requirements of your skin and the intensity of the problem. So, the number of sessions you will get will also influence the price.

Additional Procedures

Sometimes, laser therapy is also combined with another skin brightening treatment, such as chemical peels, dermabrasion, etc, to get more refined and better results.The inclusion of an additional procedure also dictates the cost of that treatment.

The clinic’s location and the expertise of a surgeon:

The location of the clinic from where you intend to get this procedure and the expertise of a dermatologist also shape the overall cost of this treatment. You should always choose a reputable clinic and an experienced dermatologist to get any cosmetic procedure. Though it may add to the cost but it will help you get your desired results and limit the risks of side effects.

Summing Up:

When sebum oil, dirt and dead skin cells obstruct in pores, enlarged or visible pores appear that lessen the luminosity and brightness of the skin. Laser treatment in Islamabad is an effective procedure that deals with these pores and, improves skin texture elasticity and brings back the gratefulness of the skin. The cost varies from person to person. 

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Does laser treatment remove open pores?

Laser therapy stimulates collagen and elastin production in the body, improves skin texture and complexion and gradually reduces the visibility of these enlarged pores, leading to a smoother and brighter appearance.

How many laser treatments are needed for open pores?

Though it differs from person to person. Normally, dermatologists suggest 4-5 sessions of this specific procedure to banish enlarged pores and bring back a natural-looking skin appearance.

Which is the best clinic to get laser treatment for open pores?

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