Root Canal Treatment FAQs

Given the functional and aesthetic importance of teeth, no one would deny the significance of healthy teeth and good oral health. Dental issues such as damaged pulp gum diseases can dismantle oral health and even lead to tooth decay. Root canal treatment in Islamabad preserves the integrity of a damaged or affected tooth by dealing with an infected tooth pulp. 

Sometimes, the pulp or innermost part of a tooth gets damaged or infected, leading to dental problems. Root canal procedure is performed to address this dental issue, eliminate the risks for further infection and preserve a tooth from decay. Well, you may have concerns about this orthodontic treatment; give it a read and find your answers of Root Canal Treatment FAQs.

Root Canal Treatment FAQs

What is root canal treatment?

This is a dental procedure that is carried out to take out the infected or damaged pulp of a tooth and save a natural tooth. If infected pulp is not removed, it may cause tooth decay. This technique not only preserves the integrity of the infected tooth but also eliminates pain and reinstates the normal functioning of that tooth. 

Why is this treatment needed?

If the inner part of a tooth is infected and is left untreated, it will cause pain, irritation, a sense of dissatisfaction and even tooth loss. This procedure extracts the infected pulp or inner part of the tooth to eliminate the sensation of pain and discomfort, preserve the tooth and improve its longevity.

When to get this treatment?

If you observe the following signs, then you should get this procedure.

  • Tooth sensitivity because of hot and cold temperatures
  • Persistent and unbearable tooth pain or irritation
  • Discolouration of tooth or gum and swelling in that specific area

What are the benefits of this orthodontic technique?

  • Eliminates pain and saves the natural tooth
  • Deals with irritation, infection and restores normal oral health
  • Improves tooth health and overall oral health
  • Improves the aesthetics of the tooth and also that of a pleasing smile
  • Offers customised and long-term results

Does a root canal procedure hurt?

No, it does not. A dentist utilises local anaesthesia during the procedure to numb the area and make the procedure painless. So you will not feel pain or discomfort during the procedure. You may observe mild discomfort after the procedure; your dentist will prescribe you a few medications to foster the healing process and manage discomfort or pain.

Is a root canal a permanent procedure?

Yes. This dental procedure offers long-term and lasting benefits. The results of this procedure are permanent. The infected pulp is removed or extracted from the tooth, the cavity is then filled with a biocompatible material and a crown is also placed to strengthen the tooth and support the recovery process.

What can I not do after a root canal?

After the treatment, the recovery period starts. You should follow the instructions of your dentist to support the healing process and get optimal results. Stick to soft food and avoid hard, crunchy and stain-causing foods, as the use of this type of food can delay the healing process.

Can I brush after the root canal?

Yes, you can. It is essential to maintain optimal oral health to avoid stains, infection and discolouration of the teeth. There is no harm if you brush after this treatment. You must brush twice a day to clean the area.

How much does this treatment cost?

The cost of this procedure is influenced by numerous factors, such as the location of the tooth, the complexity of the process, the clinic’s location, aftercare treatment and the expertise of a dentist. You should consult with a professional at SKN to learn about the cost of this procedure.

The Final Thought:

Root canal treatment in Islamabad is an orthodontic procedure that is carried out to remove the infected pulp from a tooth, save a natural tooth and eliminate the sensations of pain and discomfort. If you are observing sensitivity, pain and infection in a specific area of your mouth, then you just visit your dentist to have this procedure and restore the normal health and aesthetics of your tooth. 

Schedule your appointment at SKN Cosmetics Islamabad to preserve the integrity of an infected tooth and enhance your oral health. Whatever teeth-related issue you are facing, visit our clinic and let us deal with your dental problems and restore the aesthetics of your bright smile.