Skin Laser Treatment Price in Pakistan

Most men and women have several marks and pigmentation on their skin that just don’t go away no matter what treatment they opt for. This can lead to their self-esteem and confidence shattering, causing them to isolate themselves and look for more extreme measures to rid their skin of the marks. With today’s technology, however, anything is possible, even the removal of stubborn marks and sun-caused pigmentation.

Laser therapy is the best option if you are looking to remove your marks permanently. So what is the Skin Laser Treatment Price in Pakistan? Even though insurance doesn’t cover it, it is still affordable as compared to getting this treatment done from anywhere else in the world.

What is This Treatment About?

This cosmetic treatment involves using a high-powered laser beam directed towards the dark spots and blemishes on the skin to zap them out of existence. The laser breaks down the dark pigments in the skin into smaller and smaller particles. These particles are then flushed out of the body via urine or sweat like any other toxin.

Facial laser therapy is also quite effective when it comes to removing wrinkles and fine lines. Facial pigmentation is a sign of aging and sun damage, which cause excessive melanin to be produced in the body.

This melanin clusters together and forms brown or dark brown patches on the surface of the skin. The darkness of the pigmented patches depends on your skin tone. If you have darker skin tones like most south-Asian women, it is likely that the discoloration on your skin will be in the darker shades.

Who Can opt For This Treatment?

Almost everyone is a good candidate for this treatment and can get it if their blood tests come back positive. Following are some more categories that the patient must fall under if they wish to get this treatment done:

1) People who have wrinkles and fine lines
2) Individuals who have pigmentation and dark spots on their skin
3) People suffering from acne scars
4) Individuals who have damaged skin due to inflammation
5) Patients who have no health concerns such as blood diseases
6) Patients who are in good health and are not suffering from any illness

Skin Laser Treatment Price in Pakistan

The expenses for this procedure collectively depend on several factors. These factors include:

1) Location
If the clinic is located in an expensive urban area, then it is very likely that they will charge you a hefty amount as compared to clinics located in much more affordable areas. The reason for this is rent prices. Most private surgeons prefer to operate in the comfort of their homes as it saves them rent money.

2) Expertise
A beauty technician will charge you more money if they are experienced comparatively.

3) Sessions
If you are getting more than one session of this treatment done, then it will cost you more as compared to getting just one session.

4) Area
If you are looking to get this beauty treatment done on your legs, it will cost you more money as compared to getting it done on your hands or your upper lips.

5) Type
There is more than one type of laser therapy available in the market depending on why you are getting it done. If you are getting this procedure done only to remove light pigmentation then it will cost you more money comparatively.

This is due to the fact that light pigments reflect the concentrated energy beam, making it difficult to remove the blemishes in just one try. So in order to remove the light blemishes, a highly powerful and expensive laser will be used.

All these factors collectively add to the cost of this treatment in the capital. Although most of these costs can easily be reduced with thorough research, it’s recommended that you do not look for corners to cut if you want the best results.

Is This Procedure Dangerous?

This beauty routine is not painful or dangerous at all! As for side effects, you will only experience mild swelling and redness in the first 24 hours of getting this treatment. Other mild side effects include

1) Mild Irritation
2) Slightly dry skin
3) Itchiness

All these effects fade away by using special serums and creams prescribed by your doctor.

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