Skin Mole Removal in Islamabad

Mole is a type of spot on the skin surface that grows in a dark colour or randomly appear on the face and different body parts by birth or after puberty. It is very common in both men and women which can be one or many moles on the skin and these are not harmful. Such dark spots appear in different colours, shapes and sizes. Many people want to remove it because they get irritated while wearing a piece of jewellery or doing shave etc. but also, some of them need to eliminate them for cosmetic concerns because their personality is affecting. Sometimes, in some cases, it has minor possibilities of skin cancer. 

If you want to eliminate the annoying mole(s) from the face or body by considering an effective treatment option then many treatment options are performed for Skin Mole Removal in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & PakistanRead this blog for knowing about different treatment options with procedural steps, advantages and outcomes. 

Why People Need It? 

Many people want to remove such dark-coloured spot(s) from the skin surface because it was affecting their beauty especially women who are very sensitive in such matters. It is usually performed according to frequent requests from candidates for improvement. There are few common reasons mentioned below about why people need to remove mole(s): 

  • For those who want to enhance beauty. 
  • Want to have spotless skin and elasticity. 
  • People get depressed and anxious due to unwanted spots. 
  • If you have a big annoying mole on your face. 
  • Have mole(s) on different parts of the body. 
  • Those candidates who want to remove for boosting up the confidence. 
  • Want to get rid of such spots permanently. 

Treatment Options For Mole Removal: 

According to SKN cosmetics, our clinic performed several types of treatments for the removal of moles from the face or body. It is a very quick, safest and convenient treatment option that can be done through several methods. These are mentioned below with little details. 

  • Liquid Nitrogen Process: A very simple and basic non-invasive treatment option. In the liquid nitrogen method, the practitioner will use this liquid at extremely cooling temperatures to freeze the targeted mole(s) skin and it will break the cells within the spot and then remove it. It is the safest procedure and doesn’t leave any scars behind. 
  • Laser Method: Another effective procedure that is performed for the elimination of mole is the laser method. Before the process, the local anaesthesia will be injected for a painless process. After that, the practitioner will use laser light to target the mole(s) that are raised a little above the surface instead of flat mole(s). The laser light will destroy the mole cells and give complete spotless skin. 
  • Surgical Procedure: For handling some complicated cases, the surgical procedure may require the removal of a mole. It is performed with a scalpel or surgical scissors under local anaesthesia. It is an ideal option for targeting the delicate cases and some certain areas like near to the eye on the neck near to jugular. Some deeply rooted mole(s) will need an extensive cut and stitches. The practitioner will remove it by cutting it and after that, it may leave a scar. 

Therefore, all the mole removal treatments are effective and safe in their own manners. They provide long-lasting outcomes and with a lot of benefits. Some patients may require multiple session for successful and permanent removal. Otherwise, it may take only a single session. Your practitioner will examine the area and according to the condition, the practitioner will tell you about sessions and suitable treatment option. 

The Outcomes After The Procedure: 

The outcomes of Skin Mole Removal in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan are long-lasting and effective. The candidate will be satisfied after removal and will obtain soft and spotless skin. The two main factors about achieving accurate outcomes are, first is to choose an experienced dermatologist for your treatment and the second one is to take care of your skin after the procedure. 

If you undergo a surgical procedure then it will give you permanent outcomes and non-invasive treatments may require multiple sessions because cell could not completely be destroyed. Moreover, the outcomes may differ from person to person and it is very important for your understanding that no procedure will give accurate 100% outcomes. 

The Benefits: 

There are a lot of benefits of undergoing skin mole removal procedures. Some of the common benefits are mentioned below: 

  • Both surgical and non-surgical treatments are performed. 
  • It will be painless and free of burn skin procedures. 
  • No major side effects. 
  • It can eliminate multiple moles in just one session. 
  • The skin surface will appear smooth and spotless. 
  • There will be no irritation occurs. 
  • All procedures offer reasonable cost rates. 
  • It will boost up your beauty and self-confidence. 

Preparation & Post-Care Instructions: 

Before the treatment, your dermatologist will examine the area and recommend you a suitable procedure. After that, he/she will prescribe you few precautions related to your procedure and you have to follow them. Some of the common instructions are mentioned below: 

  • Lab tests requirements. 
  • Do not take blood thinners and used prescribed medications. 
  • Avoid herbal supplements if you are taking them for other reasons. 
  • Follow the healthy diet plan. 

After the treatment, it is necessary to follow a post-care plan. Your practitioner may recommend you few aftercare instructions about how to take good care of yourself. Some of the common instructions are mentioned below: 

  • Use prescribed medications for pain and infection. 
  • Do not perform physical activities for a certain time. 
  • Take good care of the area where the cut is made. 
  • Avoid smoking or drinking alcohol. 
  • Visit your dermatologist for a normal checkup and inform them if you feel any unusual thing. 

About Cost: 

The average cost of Skin Mole Removal in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan ranges between 5000 PKR to 15000 PKR. Also, several factors can affect the cost of the treatment like the type of treatment, the size and quantity of moles, expert dermatologist fee, location and reputation of the clinic and session requirements. 

Further, if someone wants to know more about cost-related details then feel free to consult SKN cosmetics for more information. 

All summed up! 

Therefore, if you need an effective method for the removal of mole(s) for making the skin soft and spotless then consult the SKN cosmetics. We offer a variety of treatments and performed according to the desire and suitability of candidates.